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5 star rating

Se le cose vengono fatte per bene e funzionano va detto! Ecco, questo è un esempio! Ho scaricato precedenti applicazioni simili anche a pagamento (molto care!!!) che dicevano di fare le medesime cose di questa applicazione…risultato?! Ho buttato via soldi.. Quindi consiglio caldamente quest’ultima, poiché è gratuita, è veloce e SOPRATTUTTO FUNZIONA!!

By Riccardoguerra on Dec 29, 2017, Italy

Quick and Easy

5 star rating

I needed to convert WAV files to MP3 so files weren’t too big to send by e-mail, and my choir members who don’t have PCs could play and practice songs at home. This effective program did what I needed it to do, without a hitch. Drag, convert, copy, paste or burn and send; that’s it.

By Spunky Ranch Lady on Dec 22, 2017, USA

LOVE it!

5 star rating

I would HIGHLY recommend this product to others! If you want easy to navigate and GREAT customer service, shop no more. This is the real deal! Thank you MP3 for responding to my request and helping me through my question. Thank you again!

By yancy1959 on Dec 11, 2017, USA

Amazingly fast and super easy to use!

5 star rating

I’ve used this app to convert .ogg files, .wav files and FLAC and am amazed each and every time how EASY AND FAST it is! The longest I have had to wait for a conversion, so far, has been about 9 seconds! Thanks for the great app!

By RM541 on Dec 08, 2017, USA


5 star rating

Struck awe in me when it converted over 25 videos in under 5 minutes AND when I sent the files to iTunes, every track was titled correctly! Good stuff.

By DJ Universal on Dec 06, 2017, USA

Just what I’ve been looking for…and it’s free!

5 star rating

I’ve been looking for a way to convert my .wma files for a long time now. This app did the trick and it was so easy and free! Now I can listen to my files with iTunes. Thanks so much.

By Happy in Kenya on Dec 06, 2017, USA

Parfait pour les WAV sur Mac !

4 star rating

L’appli étant dans le Dock à demeure, il suffit de glisser un document WAV dessus pour qu’il soit converti automatiquement en MP3, selon les réglages que j’ai déterminés ! J’utilise ce truc simple pour convertir mes petits enregistrements sur dictaphone.

By ahrico on Dec 05, 2017, France

Worked like a charm

5 star rating

Had to transcribe some WMA files but they wouldn’t open on my mac. Followed the easy instructions and was in business within 5 minutes. I am not technologically savy at all, so this was a nice surprise that it worked so easily.

By Alli0526 on Oct 25, 2017, USA


5 star rating

Tut was es soll, gut, zuverlässig, schnell. Nutze diese App da der Server meiner Arbeit nur MP3`s speichert, ich aber in WAV produziere. Hatte auf diesem Wege nie ein einziges Problem. Top

By PIXNEER HISTXRICLY on Oct 22, 2017, Germany

Un effort en Français SVP

4 star rating

Ce logiciel est une merveille. Mais si les instructions étaient toutes traduites en Français ce serait encore mieux - et cela m’aurait évité de bidouiller longtemps avant de pouvoir écouter mes conférences enregistrées sur Dictaphone

By on Oct 18, 2017, France

Free and VERY easy to use

5 star rating

This is brilliant FREE App and so easy to use. I needed to change some WMA files into MP3s. Just drag the file into the window and its converts to MP3 at lightning speed. It then stores them into a new folder and even gives a file pathway for you to follow.

By Maxwell Hound on Oct 02, 2017, UK