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Excellent! Just what I needed

5 star rating

I love this app! For many years I used the free app All3MP3, which was great. Then at one point, probably with an OS upgrade, it stopped working. Today I needed to convert 30+ MP4 and M4A files to MP3. It handled them all beautifully! Sound quality is great, conversion was reasonably quick. Usage was so easy, I just grabbed a bunch of files and dropped them on the app. I can see why it’s so highly rated. I recommend this app. Does what it says simply and easily, and does a good job with the conversions.

By dna.x on Mar 26, 2018, USA

MP3 Converter

5 star rating

love it great little app,i had over 3500 files off a friend but in WMA format couldnt play them since i got a MacBook. looked all over the web on how to convert them with no luck then thought id try the app store saw otheres had given this a 5 star rating so dived in and bought it 4.99 for the year peanuts to pay really great little app and easy to use and find files once converted now just have to set up some new playlists on iTunes thanks guys

By sweetdudeone on Mar 15, 2018, UK

Excellent app, worth buying Premium

5 star rating

This app is fast, efficient and easy to use. I upgraded to Premium so I could batch convert and it’s worth the money. I’ve set it as the default application for .flac files and now, within under a minute, I have .mp3 files directly loaded into iTunes. The app recognises .cue files and automatically splits long .flac files into individual .mp3 tracks. After two weeks and over a thousand conversions, I haven’t experienced any bugs, freezes or crashes.

By Fat Fingers Fred on Mar 14, 2018, Australia

Simple user-oriented interface and fast processing

5 star rating

I copies my songs from iTune to my SD card to play in the car. But my player cannot play m4a format. I tried several options such as cloudconvertor. They were too slow or the user inteface was too complicated. Usig this little cute app I converted all my to mp3 while I was reading a page of the news!

By AHG5376 on Mar 09, 2018, Netherlands

MP 3 Converter

5 star rating

I had lot of trouble converting audio files to MP3. Finally last night I was able to get MP3 converter from Apple store. Used it few times. So far the best I ever got of this kind. This is a great tool. Thank you all for this kind of work.

By Swag5678 on Mar 08, 2018, USA

Awesome and free

5 star rating

Great MP3 converter. Easy to use and it’s free. Don’t know what the limitations are. However, I was able to get all of my stuff done without a problem. Thanks.

By Hunnie2020 on Mar 06, 2018, USA

This replaces Adobe Media Encoder for me. Huge help!

5 star rating

Works perfectly. It’s inexpensive. Great interface. This allows me to get rid of Adobe Media Encoder. Why pay a subscription fee when I can pay for this once and affordably? Awesome!

By lwc media on Mar 06, 2018, USA

M4a to MP3

5 star rating

Great app! Converts your files quickly & efficiently. Stores your converted files in Itunes for future reference. So far I have had no problem with this app. Would recommend it!

By Canuck in Oz on Feb 28, 2018, Australia

1st Class

5 star rating

A quality app that’s easy to use ‘straight out of the box’ … customisation and all. I expect to pay for the product of a creator’s skill, and am very satisfied. Wondering which paid app to get? Buy this one! Great value for the money paid.

By WinBaron on Feb 28, 2018, UK

Straight 'out of the box'

5 star rating

Excellent especially for an amateur it worked to convert my Play list into MP3 as I had collected all sorts of formats and struggled to get them to play on my Macbook Pro El Capitan

By R3UUU on Feb 27, 2018, UK

Quick and easy to use.

5 star rating

I recently upgraded to a Mac and found that most of my music was in .wma format, which couldn’t be imported into iTunes to sync with my phone. I had a moment of panic, and then found this excellent app to help me out. I used the free version and it worked perfectly. You can drag and drop multiple files at a time, so I set my desktop as the destination folder and then placed the files where they belong. I will definitely keep using this when needed.

By Antigone227 on Feb 15, 2018, USA