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Simple and efective

5 star rating
Simple to use, quick and efective no restrictions
By Papa-beardh on Jun 19, 2019, Mexico

mp3 convertor

5 star rating
great i am finding it really useful, real quick
By BAKESES on Jun 16, 2019, Trinidad & Tobago


4 star rating
편리합니다. 한꺼번에 변환도 가능하군요. 잘 쓰겠습니다.
By Cimmixx on Jun 16, 2019, Korea, Republic Of


5 star rating
Para reduzir MP3 para taxa mais baixa, reduzindo o tamanho do arquivo. Mantem tambem as imagens das capas que vc ja tem no arquivo original. Vale a pena baixar.
By DoriCtba on Jun 16, 2019, Brazil


5 star rating
맘놓고 컨버팅 할수있는 어플 찾아서 좋다
By 버본 on Jun 14, 2019, Korea, Republic Of

간단해서 좋습니다

5 star rating
드래그로 바로 파일을 생성 할 수있으니 너무 편하고 좋습니다
By minjun8127 on Jun 14, 2019, Korea, Republic Of

Brauchbares Werkzeug

5 star rating
Hammer Teil...'entfaltet' zusammen-gebackene FLAC-Dateien -mit allem Pi-Pa-Po- schön in einzelne MP3-Dateien...'in einem Arbeits.Schritt !!!
By MC Spooks on Jun 09, 2019, Germany

a great little app

5 star rating
This app is very straiht-forward. I just got it this afternoon -- all the alternatives were either much slower or would not place my files in the same place. This did the job quickly and efficiently. Just what I wanted!
By BoomerTomi on Jun 02, 2019, USA

My Ogg Vorbis music has long been a pain...

5 star rating
I have a music library made up mostly of Ogg Vorbis audio, which has long pushed me away from macOS; this has been a pain, until now. This app converts quickly and does the job well, making it a godsend!
By roachk71 on Jun 01, 2019, USA

top !!!!!! en geen Trial versie maar gewoon echt werkend erg

5 star rating
Goe d programma, doet waar het voor is, goede snelheid Gratis..en niet zoals vele prg een trail versie of een prg dat je maar voor de helft kan gebruiken !!! Dus aan bevolen
By notforxfree on May 28, 2019, Netherlands

super handy

5 star rating
Gratis. Doet precies wat het moet doen!
By Mduprix on May 24, 2019, Netherlands