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5 star rating
By 連絡係さん on Jan 30, 2020, Japan

Worked for me

4 star rating
I needed it for 1 file. Was a bit concerned about it having access to my files but their privacy policy seemed fine. I tried it for the 1 file and it worked fine. The reason for 4 stars is that it put the new file in a really hard to find folder called "mp3 convert" or something like that. Would be easier to find if the new file was put somewhere more user friendly. Other than that, works for what I needed it for.
By Mayra :-) on Jan 30, 2020, USA

Nettes keines Problem

5 star rating
Arbeit ohne Probleme - schnell und zuverlässig. Dankeschön and die Entwickler.
By Morgenlandfahrerin on Jan 30, 2020, Germany

Funktioniert einwandfrei

5 star rating
Klein, kompakt und schnell. Was will man mehr. Es lohnt sich auf jeden Fall.
By Annemikis on Jan 30, 2020, Germany

Einfach & Schnell

5 star rating
Denke das fasst es ganz gut zusammen.
By Tabi2197 on Jan 25, 2020, Germany

King of the Hill

5 star rating
I have three audio converters, but this one is without doubt the easiest to use, the most intuitive interface, and produces the best results. This is the only audio converter I've found that will convert .m4b files (which the Music app won't accept) into .mp3s. I have others for other reasons, but I always come back to this little gem.
By hereticprofit on Jan 25, 2020, USA

It works great

5 star rating
Very easy to use, it works great
By Bartucha92 on Jan 22, 2020, Poland


5 star rating
I was a little skeptical at first but I gave it a try, and I have no regrets. The app works beautifully.
By DaniloKNY on Jan 21, 2020, USA

Easy and fast

5 star rating
I am so thankful I tried this app - it took about 30 seconds to convert a WMA to and MP3. I had been searching for a downloadable version of a relaxation cassette tape I had 20 years ago, finally found it and was so excited to listen! However, when I tried to play it on my iPhone it didn't work. I was so upset! I then learned that the file was WMA format, and since I have zero tech skills I had to look up what WMA is. Long story short, I tried few different apps and immediately deleted them. This was an absolute breeze to use!! Thank you!
By DeeeetheBeeeee on Jan 21, 2020, USA


5 star rating
Auch für Deutschsprechende kein Problem. 2 Klicks und alles ist in iTunes. Verarbeitet auch mehrere Dateien zusammen ohne Probleme!
By Arkip on Jan 19, 2020, Switzerland

Works Great!

5 star rating
This is a simple, yet completely effective app. So glad I obtained. Would recomment!
By songster57 on Jan 18, 2020, USA