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Free movie to MP3 converter

5 star rating

I’m thoroughly pleased with my first efforts to convert for free my homemade movie recordings using Photo Booth and the default Quick Time player on my Mac computer to MP3s. I was having trouble with on-line converters, not to mention the distasteful photographs accompanying these sites. By searching in the Apple store I found something fast and free, just right for my uses. I can only say thank you to Apple!

By Janet Beth on Jul 16, 2018, USA


5 star rating

He podido convertir los archivos .wmv a .mp3 y gracias a este programa pude instertarlos en el Itunes sin problemas, ya que no podía introducir todas las canciones que tenían guardadas en una carpeta.

By Guillermotl. on Jul 05, 2018, Spain

Great for converting FLAC to MP3

4 star rating

Does the job well. The only thing I find irritating - and this is my reason for docking a star - is that it does not remember the changes that I make to window sizes and locations. Also, there appears to be an arbitrary limitation on how much I can drag the edge of the progress window to make it bigger. Other than these things, it's a great app! Fix them and I'll give the app 5 stars.

By Jimbo724 on Jun 22, 2018, USA


5 star rating

I never write reviews but this app is so easy and streamline I am just blown away. The drag and drop functions… amazing…. oh and open the folder by clicking a button? Thank you… you’d be surprised how many apps make it difficult to just do a simple task of converting. PROPS DEVELOPERS!

By ionlycommentwhenitsucks on Jun 07, 2018, USA


5 star rating

After battling with a couple of programmes this one came to my rescue. Very fast and easy to use, no adverts, allows to convert more than one file at once…!

By Mathanzima on Jun 04, 2018, South Africa

.wma to something Mac can read in lighting speed….

5 star rating

Similar to others that have posted here, I downloaded some files to my Mac from an older iPod type device but it was not an Apple product, so nothing would play, I found this and in less than 10 minutes problem was solved, great product as it was easy to use and understand the pop-ups associated with the program. Thanks!

By MarcoSprings on May 30, 2018, USA

Easy to use

5 star rating

I converted an mpeg4 file ( originally recorded in Garage Band but uploaded to Google Drive and converted to Mp4) to Mp3. Easy to use. Soundcloud doesn’t accept Mp4 files so this converter is highly useful. I was able to edit the file with with the mp3converter settings so it sounded better than the original. The settings are on the left ( a gear icon) when you open the app. I used the 320 Bitrate for solo piano, and the sound was excellent. Excellent app!

By Glad Midsommer on May 12, 2018, USA

Good quality conversion without hassle

5 star rating

Simple to use and provides quality conversion, including MP3-tag insertions. Worth the money already, but ideally MP3 tag editing functionality should be integrated in this software.

By NitroNL on May 02, 2018, Netherlands

Useful little app!

5 star rating

When all I need is a quick way of converting an arrangement saved as an AIFF to an MP3 file this is just the job. No fuss and does exactly what I expect of it. Recommended

By Another Amateur on Apr 30, 2018, UK


5 star rating

Wow, it’s fast. Just moved to Mac and was disappointed that Media Monkey doesn’t seem to have a Mac version but this does the job brilliantly. Using it in conjunction with Tag Editor and just converted and cleaned up tags for two albums in about two minutes. I have paid for both apps because I know will use them a lot.

By Keef 55 on Apr 30, 2018, UK


5 star rating

flac 파일 폴더채로 넣으니까 알아서 모두 변환해 주네요... 한글지원이 안되서 아쉽긴 하지만 설정도 어려운 부분이 없어 좋아요

By 투투나인 on Apr 29, 2018, Korea, Republic Of