Customer Reviews of To MP3 Converter - Page #18

Great product with superb support

5 star rating

The product works quickly and is easy to use. I had a problem reading files in my Honda car stereo. The problem was due to my lack of knowledge of Apple internal workings. Amvidia Support quickly set me on the correct path. Well worth the cost.

By Morris Dancer 2014 on Oct 10, 2018, UK

This app just save my life and time.

5 star rating

I was so not in the mood to sit in front of my computer to figure out this app. It took me 2 mins to convert five mp4 files into mp3 files. It was so easy and quick that I use my extra time to come back and leave a review, which I never do. Thank you!!!! You guys are a life saver.

By Ms. CLove on Oct 06, 2018, USA

Very intuitive - easy to use

4 star rating

Good app. Simple to use. Drag and drop helpful. Would be good if you could have (configurable) reminder set for the destination folder so that as you drag a file in to be converted, that it first pops up to check with you whether the existing destination is actually the one you want to use for that file. If you are doing a lot of conversions where you want the desination to be different, you can sometimes forgot to change the desination folder for different files. A tiny gripe for what is otherwise an excellent product and fabulous value for money.

By AllWat on Sep 29, 2018, UK

Wow! Really, just WOW!

5 star rating

I had some original recordings that I thought I would never be able to listen and send to Pro Tools for mastering because they were in wma format. I was blown away at how easy this app made it to quickly convert them for use in my iTunes library. This is a great app for audio file conversion.

By jimilee69 on Sep 22, 2018, USA


5 star rating

When I wanted to start selling my own music on my Wix built website I found everything in my iTunes was MP4 and on my lap top everything was in Windows media format. I just highlighted the entire album and dragged it into the MP3 converter and 5 minutes later I had two albums worth of MP3’s to upload to my site.

By Gary The Driver on Sep 02, 2018, UK

full version great; free version limited

4 star rating

Full version has complete range of compression options, attaches tags and art (if that’s what you want), cue splitter works well, replicates folder structure for batch processing. Free version is really just a trial/demo: you have to pay to unlock all these features, and after a few albums it will force you to pay or convert one track at a time. The one-time charge is the best value if you plan on using this regularly. If you are an avid music collector and rip every CD you buy to a compressed format for your phone, walkman, iPod or computer, then I would argue it is worth the money.

By Tattooed Monk on Sep 02, 2018, USA

A must have app !!!

5 star rating

okay… so itunes store has more than 26 billion songs and growing…however once in a while there’ll be a song that’s not available, if that’s the case and you have this app then problem’s solved, in great ways too.

By Hyde Setsuka on Aug 31, 2018, Indonesia

WAV파일을 쉽게 맥에서 사용할 수 있게 되었습니다.

5 star rating

아이튠즈에서 WAV음성 파일이 실행되지 않아 앱을 둘러 보던 중에 그냥 평점 보고 다운 받았는데 기대 이상입니다. 리뷰 쓰면 무료라고도 하고.. 좋은 앱 같습니다! 잘 쓰겠습니다 감사합니다..

By imho0ny on Aug 30, 2018, Korea, Republic Of


5 star rating

What I like is that when I select the WAV file the right click gives me an option to convert to MP3 which is dead simple, make sure you select correct destination folder 1st at 1st run then it’s plain sailing.

By Mikhail Droby on Aug 26, 2018, UK

사용하기 좋습니다...

5 star rating

FLAC 파일 변환이 필요해서 찾다 사용한 앱인데, 아주 만족합니다… 다른 다양한 포맷도 가능하다고 해서 계속 만족스럽게 사용할것 같습니다~

By ApplrTree_2021 on Aug 13, 2018, Korea, Republic Of

Semplice ma efficace

5 star rating

Una piccola applicazione semplice ma che fa quel che dice senza tanti fronzoli. Interfaccia semplice, curata e completa pur nella sua minimalit. Davvero consigliata.

By sanric on Aug 12, 2018, Italy