Customer Reviews of To MP3 Converter - Page #18


5 star rating
Excelant does what it says best mp3 conveter I've ever had
By Darerekrr71 on Oct 20, 2019, UK


5 star rating
By begumina on Oct 18, 2019, Turkey

Precies wat het doen moet

4 star rating
Hele mappen kun je er opslepen en converteren.
By Clemens Lettinck on Oct 18, 2019, Netherlands

Fast and Easy

5 star rating
When I download a WMA file from my field recorder, this program automatically converts it for me. Couldn't be easier.
By TexasTerriers on Oct 12, 2019, USA

Very Good, very fast. Only one wish...

4 star rating
Great, fast, only one wish -option to set word lenght , not just sampling freuency.... Maybe make it an in-app purchase option
By Guitarist729 on Oct 12, 2019, USA

Most excellent!

5 star rating
Simple and brilliant. Simply brilliant!
By Vistman on Oct 08, 2019, Australia

great app!

5 star rating
Great app and super easy to use
By NikolaVuk on Oct 02, 2019, Switzerland

A OPUS file

5 star rating
I received an OPUS file today from one of my bandmates that needed to be converted to mp3, in order to send to all the memebers of the band for a future recording session.So I used mp3. Converter free. It worked like a charm so now I can send this mp3 to the band, right now. Thank you.
By star-guitarz on Sep 30, 2019, USA


5 star rating
Excellent Ap simple to use, WMA to MP3 conversion was done in a flash Thanks
By C_urchin on Oct 01, 2019, Australia


5 star rating
smooth and easy just like its described - works without a hitch - i would like to use it on various formats to give a more indepth review but so far it works great whenever i have used it - its awesome
By DaneL99 on Sep 29, 2019, USA

Проиложение - просто чудо!

5 star rating
Никакой навязчивой рекламы, и пока совершенно безплатное! Когда устанавливал, думал - очередной обман: конвертнёт один файл и будет требовать обновления и денег, но я ошибся! Это был как раз тот случай, когда ты рад своей ошибке: уже конвертнул 10 файлов и пока никакого намёка на оплату! Всё по-честному! Но за такую прогу можно и заплатить!
By Пётр Филимонов on Sep 27, 2019, Ukraine