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Super Converter!

5 star rating

Sehr gut gemachte und vorallem kostenlose App. Übersichtlicher Aufbau und einfache Bedienung. Richtig gut finde ich das man die Metadaten, wie Copyrights, Tags, Genre, Künstler usw. ebenfalls mit ins neue Format übernehmen kann- für mich als DJ einfach perfekt.

By Martin!Davis on Sep 06, 2020, Germany

Simply love it

5 star rating

Just started using it, but this app really helps. Love it

By Yuew echo on Aug 29, 2020, Indonesia

Does what it says on the tin!

5 star rating

I run an internet radio station and often get music submissions in WAV format, which is great for archiving but takes up too much space in the playout system. This app does exactly what I'm looking for [after a couple of minor tweaks to the settings] - I can right-click on a WAV file, select "Open with > To MP3" and have my high-quality MP3 in seconds. Cheers!

By Penmonicus on Aug 26, 2020, Australia


5 star rating

Simples e objetivo! Adorei

By jominv on Aug 20, 2020, Brazil

MP3 Converter

5 star rating

A fantastic little app that does exactly what it says on the tin. No whistles or bells, just an extremely functional and useful tool for converting WMA to MP3 quickly. Bang on the money and highly recommended.

By Pezmannn on Aug 20, 2020, UK

a must have in your repitoire.

5 star rating

one of those applictions that are written to do just whats needed and is simple in every aspect. good designs and well devised apps make them a joy to use .this app is a must if you want easy and carefree conversions. . cheers

By JulesJames on Aug 19, 2020, USA

It works!

5 star rating

It works. Yay! And you don’t have to do it in “real time”. Even better.

By Analog Man Digital World on Aug 18, 2020, USA

Its the best

5 star rating

Very easy, effective and friendly

By anood alga7ba on Aug 17, 2020, USA


5 star rating

Worked, I only needed to convery a few files, but it was a clean conversion. I recomend

By flyons01 on Aug 17, 2020, USA

MP3 bom

5 star rating

Muito bom …. rápido e preciso

By mp3-bom on Aug 17, 2020, Brazil

Simple, straightforward conversion; cataloging, not so much

4 star rating

Had a good experience for what I needed, which was quick, simple conversion of wma to mp3 file. The drawback is that the file is sent to iTunes (cataloging in which is horrible anyway) and with dumb naming defaults. I used 'get info' to edit title and artist information, which is OK for my purposes. So the primary functionality seemed great, but the secondary aspect could definitely be improved. I'm happy, but users should consider their use case before downloading. If you're just doing a few files here and there, this should work for you. And--free!

By doc snow on Aug 16, 2020, USA