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Einfach! Zuverlässig! Schnell! Empfehlenswert!

5 star rating

Rettung in letzter Sekunde: Nach über einer Stunde ‚Rumgehuddel‘ und Ärger mit anderen Installationsgeschichten habe ich wieder auf MICH selber gehört und diesen Converter als letzten Versuch runtergeladen… und siehe da: Es funzt! Yeah! Bin begeistert und meine Audio-Dateien endlich in trockenen Tüchern! Sehr zu empfehlen!

By TGEAlex on Feb 11, 2019, Germany

Imovie conversion audio only

5 star rating

I am NOT techy, I am determinded and knew there had to be a way to convert the MP4 to MP3. When I googled it this app was rated well, justifably so, it is super easy to use and fast. Happy I made the small investment for such a great tool

By Bobi Beverly on Feb 11, 2019, USA

Great for an Amature

5 star rating

I have converted from windows to Mac Mini 19 and Android to iPhone. I had several files to convert to mp3 to use for ringtones, the app convert is user friendly and convert my files without any problems.

By bearx16 on Feb 06, 2019, USA

Perfect for my goals

5 star rating

I primarily use this for converting audio from movies and TV shows into mp3s, which I can then use to extract clips, and for that purpose, this is a quick, efficient, and easy program to use. And you can't argue with the price!

By Kevmaster2000 on Jan 27, 2019, USA

Great for Dictation Records

5 star rating

I use an Olympus recorder for work recordings. It is very nice to be able to extract the recordings and convert them for iTunes, as well as to convert them to PC formats as needed. Simple and reliable.

By wnhulsey3 on Jan 24, 2019, USA


5 star rating

Does exactly what it says on the tin....All my old music files were wma.....this sorted them out to MP3 quickly, easily & efficiently.... Love this APP!!!!!!! Thank you to the creators!!

By Aaazzzzzz on Jan 24, 2019, UK

Does what its suppose to do. . . . .

5 star rating

Genius . . . . . Luv, Luv, Love, this software. A few clicks and wait for the results. "Right Click” - Open with, "To MP3 Converter" :- HOW SIMPLE \_(“)_/

By THUNDER II on Jan 10, 2019, Australia

Does what it says

5 star rating

I used my windows 10 laptop to rip a couple of CDs of live music sessions. Unfortunately i had saved as wma.. Now having having no access to the original CDs I looked for a converter.. and this one did exactly what I hoped. no fuss.. it just worked. Many thanks to the developers.

By Nick@Voorschoten on Jan 05, 2019, UK

A really solid app

4 star rating

I lost a TON of music lately. I was heartbroken! I also downloaded some songs thst I just could NOT add to my library. Thanks to this app, I was able to do that. So, I had some, but not all, of my music. A solid 4/5. it also has enough features to change mostly anything you want. You can save it anywhere, do a big batch of albums or just a couple songs, and best of all, it works with just about any music file. I’d like it to also be a music player, and perhaps even an iTunes alternative. but other than that, it’s a really good solid app. easy to use, easy to manage.

By DickDerby on Jan 01, 2019, USA


5 star rating


By サウザンライツ on Dec 20, 2018, Japan

full version excellent!

5 star rating

i have been very pleased with the speed and quality of the conversion this app does. i use it to convert songs from my iTunes to MP3 so that i can play them in my car. note: i recommend the Transcend 3.0 USB drive. i also recommend that you put your songs into folders of no more than 254 songs. the software in some cars will not play more than that in a single file/folder.

By jczerbe on Dec 04, 2018, USA