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veloce e semplice

4 star rating

non metto la quinta stella perche aspetto la verifica in auto, in quanto ora impossibilitato per mvuia del montaggio, ma appena sara finito verificher e se tutto bene dar la quinta stella senza problemi... lo consiglio

By richardmac15 on Apr 06, 2019, Italy

Fast and efficient

5 star rating

Had a large batch of .wma files to convert to MP3, and the Converter did a fantastic job. Super fast, and easy to use. Well worth it to purchase the full version with a one-time fee.

By The Loomer on Apr 01, 2019, USA

Works like a charm

5 star rating

If you're at all serious about managing your music collection, pay for the full version; it's more than worth it for the aggravation it saves. This is highly configurable, produces great output and is dead-simple to use. My gripes are minor: the "trash files after conversion" option doesn't save when shutting down the app, and there's no way to stop the icon from bouncing ad infinitum when a conversion finished. Otherwise, five stars, this one.

By Dan Wiencek on Mar 28, 2019, USA

Great Addition to My work Flow

5 star rating

Absolutely wonderful. I downloaded the free app and followed the instructions. This thing is so good that when I pulled up my Ableton Track and exported it to the browser selected, it was already an Mp3 file. Wow… how good is that. Less the headache and increase the workflow. Good job guys. A side note for beginners. If you start dabbling in the parameters of your browser, you will be charged a small monthly fee and I do mean small. It depends on how many conversions you do a day. Overall this is a great! product. Enjoy… Unthinkable O.S.

By Unthinkable O.S. on Mar 25, 2019, USA

Все ок! Отличное приложение!

4 star rating

Почему ставлю 4 ? Пару раз конвертировал Wav в Mp3 файл и после конвертации очень громкого трека под завязку, но без слышимого перегруза, чуть чуть изменился общий уровень громкости в большую сторону в рузультате чего файл немного стал хрустет местами как при перегрузе. с другими более тихими файлами такого не замечал. Прога быстрая простая. Меня вполне устравивает.

By эээх244 on Mar 25, 2019, Russia


5 star rating

This app. seems great! You ask that I don't post anything at the expense of other developers, so I won't mention any names, but there is a commonly used free audio editor for Mac that is supposed to be able to convert files created on it to .mp3, but only after installing a plug-in made by a different company. I tried downloading and installling that plug-in as instructed several times, and checked out various tutorials and videos about it, but the audio editing program continued to crash whenever I selected it to export the file as an .mp3. So I went online and looked for other apps that would convert the file to .mp3, and found this To MP3 Converter Free app. It had no problem converting tmymM4

By 1960sDJ on Mar 12, 2019, USA

Works (AUDIO CONVERTER LITE is better, imo)

5 star rating

As per the main function of this product, you do not highlight its importance enough. It only converts to MP3. And it converst a very wide array of formats to MP3. Many inputs, one output. Considering the marketplace for these kinds of services/products, you need to highlight that. like this: Many inputs, one output Many inputs, one output Many inputs, one output (Or in CAPS) Comment if you disagree. It's like saying we included the ESRB (in a game) but you hide it where no one can see it except the lawyers. I went and bought another service... AUDIO CONVERTER LITE The free version does more than this paid version. I upgraded to the opaid version due to batch limitations. There seems to be a lot of copying in this digital marketplace. But right now this one is best. Feel free to contact me if you feel otherwise about any of this. I encourage it. Obviously I;m gonna plug my website now. (Different Color Everytime) - Johnathan Johnny Jones 64

By Robzo100 on Mar 04, 2019, USA

Einfach! Zuverlässig! Schnell! Empfehlenswert!

5 star rating

Rettung in letzter Sekunde: Nach über einer Stunde ‚Rumgehuddel‘ und Ärger mit anderen Installationsgeschichten habe ich wieder auf MICH selber gehört und diesen Converter als letzten Versuch runtergeladen… und siehe da: Es funzt! Yeah! Bin begeistert und meine Audio-Dateien endlich in trockenen Tüchern! Sehr zu empfehlen!

By TGEAlex on Feb 11, 2019, Germany

Imovie conversion audio only

5 star rating

I am NOT techy, I am determinded and knew there had to be a way to convert the MP4 to MP3. When I googled it this app was rated well, justifably so, it is super easy to use and fast. Happy I made the small investment for such a great tool

By Bobi Beverly on Feb 11, 2019, USA

Great for an Amature

5 star rating

I have converted from windows to Mac Mini 19 and Android to iPhone. I had several files to convert to mp3 to use for ringtones, the app convert is user friendly and convert my files without any problems.

By bearx16 on Feb 06, 2019, USA

Perfect for my goals

5 star rating

I primarily use this for converting audio from movies and TV shows into mp3s, which I can then use to extract clips, and for that purpose, this is a quick, efficient, and easy program to use. And you can't argue with the price!

By Kevmaster2000 on Jan 27, 2019, USA