Customer Reviews of To MP3 Converter - Page #15

Great App - Saved My Bacon!

5 star rating

This app is fabulous. It takes any file and converts it to a useable .mp3. I had some clients send me some audio files that were not readable, and this thing easily converted it to a standard .mp3 so I could edit it. I’ve used it dozens of times. Easy to use and FREE!

By whereyomama7 on May 04, 2019, USA

Does what it says.....

5 star rating

Great, simple little app. I needed to edit a voice recording made on my phone but the editor can't cope with the phone's native file. This app converted it in moments. Just what I needed.

By KrisG_Hemel on Apr 23, 2019, UK

Whatever they want!

5 star rating

I promised myself that if they ever charged me for this app, I would pay whatever they asked. I got the life membership. Worth every penny! Wma files having been stored on my apple laptop for far too long were converted in a flash. End of story!

By xylodoc12 on Apr 20, 2019, USA

Easiest One ever!

5 star rating

I’ve tried 3 free FLAC to MP3 Converters, used to put FLAC content into MP3 form so I can add to iTunes and into one of 3 iPods. As we all know iTunes is an imperfect software but this app works the best of them all. Its very fast to convert and a one-click transfer to iTunes is built in- it goes under its own app name for easy ID and with a simple double-click that file can be renamed, typically to the artist by name and date. My search for the right one just ended, I am deleting the other two from my Applications and moving on to other issues. You should do trhe same with confidence.

By HintsFromHomie on Apr 19, 2019, USA

Drag Drop READY

5 star rating

Yes, perfect.. just drag/drop any format and convert it to 320kb... no issue's found. 1.5GB of audio converted in 2 minutes. All tags and art was copied.

By MrOffbeat on Apr 12, 2019, Netherlands


5 star rating

Not a lot to say other than it works as advertised and for me so far it has been solid. Got this because I was trying to convert files using another software and the files would not play, used mp3 and they worked perfectly!

By Leaping on Apr 09, 2019, USA

Great for converting audio clips for videos

5 star rating

This is a great converter, where all you have to do is drag and drop, and it then does all the work for you. It may be a little bit hard to maneuver at first, but after that its great. 10/10 would pay money for it.

By AaronLuThe1st on Apr 06, 2019, USA

veloce e semplice

4 star rating

non metto la quinta stella perche aspetto la verifica in auto, in quanto ora impossibilitato per mvuia del montaggio, ma appena sara finito verificher e se tutto bene dar la quinta stella senza problemi... lo consiglio

By richardmac15 on Apr 06, 2019, Italy

Fast and efficient

5 star rating

Had a large batch of .wma files to convert to MP3, and the Converter did a fantastic job. Super fast, and easy to use. Well worth it to purchase the full version with a one-time fee.

By The Loomer on Apr 01, 2019, USA

Works like a charm

5 star rating

If you're at all serious about managing your music collection, pay for the full version; it's more than worth it for the aggravation it saves. This is highly configurable, produces great output and is dead-simple to use. My gripes are minor: the "trash files after conversion" option doesn't save when shutting down the app, and there's no way to stop the icon from bouncing ad infinitum when a conversion finished. Otherwise, five stars, this one.

By Dan Wiencek on Mar 28, 2019, USA

Great Addition to My work Flow

5 star rating

Absolutely wonderful. I downloaded the free app and followed the instructions. This thing is so good that when I pulled up my Ableton Track and exported it to the browser selected, it was already an Mp3 file. Wow… how good is that. Less the headache and increase the workflow. Good job guys. A side note for beginners. If you start dabbling in the parameters of your browser, you will be charged a small monthly fee and I do mean small. It depends on how many conversions you do a day. Overall this is a great! product. Enjoy… Unthinkable O.S.

By Unthinkable O.S. on Mar 25, 2019, USA