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5 star rating

自分は友人が録音したデータを変換するのに、急に探してテキトーにDLしましたが、非常に役立っています。ありがとうございます。 レビューしろとうるさいですが、非常に役に立ってるのでこれくらいはしてあげたいです。

By アアアカタカアタマナ on Jul 06, 2019, Japan

Lot's of CD's

5 star rating

I have 3 large binders of CD's that I almost forgot about. MP3 converter has made the archiving simpler and easy to work with. I really like this app and it works as advertised.

By Speedy #1 on Jun 29, 2019, USA

absolutely bloody fantastic

5 star rating

as a Narrator this is the only app that let me change the bit rate on my audios and i cant thank you enough you saved my life and sanity and mental health . you basically are a god and good on you love Emma Belle Narrator on , youtube channel Rainbow Storyteller

By Rainbow StoryTeller on Jun 26, 2019, UK

Brilliant App convertin files

5 star rating

Thank you for this fab app. Got my files converted in a flash from video to audio. So useful after all the faffing around to get this done. Highly recommend.

By Man Sha on Jun 24, 2019, UK


5 star rating

Para reduzir MP3 para taxa mais baixa, reduzindo o tamanho do arquivo. Mantem tambem as imagens das capas que vc ja tem no arquivo original. Vale a pena baixar.

By DoriCtba on Jun 16, 2019, Brazil

a great little app

5 star rating

This app is very straiht-forward. I just got it this afternoon -- all the alternatives were either much slower or would not place my files in the same place. This did the job quickly and efficiently. Just what I wanted!

By BoomerTomi on Jun 02, 2019, USA

My Ogg Vorbis music has long been a pain...

5 star rating

I have a music library made up mostly of Ogg Vorbis audio, which has long pushed me away from macOS; this has been a pain, until now. This app converts quickly and does the job well, making it a godsend!

By roachk71 on Jun 01, 2019, USA

top !!!!!! en geen Trial versie maar gewoon echt werkend erg

5 star rating

Goe d programma, doet waar het voor is, goede snelheid Gratis..en niet zoals vele prg een trail versie of een prg dat je maar voor de helft kan gebruiken !!! Dus aan bevolen

By notforxfree on May 28, 2019, Netherlands

So Far So Good…Works Straightforward..Can’t See Reason to Complain about a good FREE product?!!

5 star rating

I read the reviews of other and in particular a very positive one from a DJ swayed me to try this app. My use is mostly converting audio files from wma to mp3 for buisness use on occassion when someone send me a file. I was able to quickly downlaod the app fire it up, point to the file I wanted converted and BOOM, it worked. I was then able to change the target destination folder from the app developer created one and tried the conversion again to see if it work…BOOM! Along the way I noticed other stray files that I was able to convert, cleaned up music related folers and saved precious space on my hard drive. In conclusion, I can’t attest to whether the application works for heavy duty use, but for one-off times that it is needed to quickly do a conversion, this app has now become a part of my essential tool box! Lastly, can’t image how there can be deep seated complaints for something that is free and works in a straightforward fashion !

By joelwright on May 17, 2019, USA


5 star rating

This app is brilliant, no messing, just simple, quick and effective. The settings menu is fool proof. As a DJ i've used many apps like this to reduce massive WAV files to MP3 and this is by far the best one i've used

By Kevy-dee on May 14, 2019, UK

와...드디어 찾음

5 star rating

윈도우에는 여러 컨버터 프로그램들이 있는데, 맥으로 옮겨온 이후로 아직 생태계가 익숙하지도 않은 상태에서 윈도우때만큼 프로그램들이 많지 않아서 맨붕속에 해매던 중 알게됨. 아주 깔끔하고 심플하고 빠름

By 매그부그린이 on May 14, 2019, Korea, Republic Of