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5 star rating

Para reduzir MP3 para taxa mais baixa, reduzindo o tamanho do arquivo. Mantem tambem as imagens das capas que vc ja tem no arquivo original. Vale a pena baixar.

By DoriCtba on Jun 16, 2019, Brazil

a great little app

5 star rating

This app is very straiht-forward. I just got it this afternoon -- all the alternatives were either much slower or would not place my files in the same place. This did the job quickly and efficiently. Just what I wanted!

By BoomerTomi on Jun 02, 2019, USA

My Ogg Vorbis music has long been a pain...

5 star rating

I have a music library made up mostly of Ogg Vorbis audio, which has long pushed me away from macOS; this has been a pain, until now. This app converts quickly and does the job well, making it a godsend!

By roachk71 on Jun 01, 2019, USA

top !!!!!! en geen Trial versie maar gewoon echt werkend erg

5 star rating

Goe d programma, doet waar het voor is, goede snelheid Gratis..en niet zoals vele prg een trail versie of een prg dat je maar voor de helft kan gebruiken !!! Dus aan bevolen

By notforxfree on May 28, 2019, Netherlands

So Far So Good…Works Straightforward..Can’t See Reason to Complain about a good FREE product?!!

5 star rating

I read the reviews of other and in particular a very positive one from a DJ swayed me to try this app. My use is mostly converting audio files from wma to mp3 for buisness use on occassion when someone send me a file. I was able to quickly downlaod the app fire it up, point to the file I wanted converted and BOOM, it worked. I was then able to change the target destination folder from the app developer created one and tried the conversion again to see if it work…BOOM! Along the way I noticed other stray files that I was able to convert, cleaned up music related folers and saved precious space on my hard drive. In conclusion, I can’t attest to whether the application works for heavy duty use, but for one-off times that it is needed to quickly do a conversion, this app has now become a part of my essential tool box! Lastly, can’t image how there can be deep seated complaints for something that is free and works in a straightforward fashion !

By joelwright on May 17, 2019, USA


5 star rating

This app is brilliant, no messing, just simple, quick and effective. The settings menu is fool proof. As a DJ i've used many apps like this to reduce massive WAV files to MP3 and this is by far the best one i've used

By Kevy-dee on May 14, 2019, UK

Arbeitet zuverlässig

5 star rating

Arbeitet zuverlässig und schnell. Speichert Dateien in gewünschten Zielordner. Hat gegenüber anderen Apps auch den Vorteil, dass hier aac-Dateien in mp3 konvertiert werden können

By Tamyda3 on May 12, 2019, Germany


5 star rating

This App is a God sned. After working through countless amount of bootleg apps and wasting valuable hours, I finally discovered this app. It saved me so much time and does EXACTLY what I wanted. You can upload a folder with subfolders and convert all the files to MP3 and they can be set to automatically replace and delete the original files in the unwanted folders, and STILL mainatian the folder structure. This app is a bargain for what it actually does.

By ŞĦĘŇĶŠ on May 11, 2019, UK

Great App - Saved My Bacon!

5 star rating

This app is fabulous. It takes any file and converts it to a useable .mp3. I had some clients send me some audio files that were not readable, and this thing easily converted it to a standard .mp3 so I could edit it. I’ve used it dozens of times. Easy to use and FREE!

By whereyomama7 on May 04, 2019, USA

Does what it says.....

5 star rating

Great, simple little app. I needed to edit a voice recording made on my phone but the editor can't cope with the phone's native file. This app converted it in moments. Just what I needed.

By KrisG_Hemel on Apr 23, 2019, UK

Whatever they want!

5 star rating

I promised myself that if they ever charged me for this app, I would pay whatever they asked. I got the life membership. Worth every penny! Wma files having been stored on my apple laptop for far too long were converted in a flash. End of story!

By xylodoc12 on Apr 20, 2019, USA