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Works great! And Fast too!

5 star rating

Needed it to convert a file, too less than i could blink for it to be done. Great app.

By Pleased :) on Dec 08, 2018, UK

Got Mojave - Get This App

5 star rating

This is a welcome addition to my MacBook Pro. Get all the bells and whistles as it makes conversion to Apple music a snap.

By Nick09345098203948 on Dec 05, 2018, USA


5 star rating

Exactly as advertised. Simple to use and fast as can be. Well done.

By jasonwiener on Nov 22, 2018, USA

Molto buona.

5 star rating

Cercavo il modo di convertire flac per importare in iTunes, mantenendo la qualità al livello massimo possibile. Ho provato una decina di soluioni con diversi settaggi e penso di aver trovato quello che cercavo. Impostando AAC LC - Average - 512 - 44100 le dimensioni si riducono di un terzo, ma la qualità è pressochè identica; nemmeno con l’analizzatore di spettro si notano differenze dall’originale. Non la valuto 5 stelle solo perchè, anche caricando un file alla volta, continua a propormi la versione a pagamento. Sono molto soddisfatto. Grazie allo sviluppatore per aver messo a disposizione gratuitamente un’applicazione così ben fatta!

By VecchioAlbert on Nov 17, 2018, Italy


5 star rating

I had a bunch of files to convert for itunes from my old Windows and Linux machines as I’ve been consolidating and downsizing. The app gathered all 500+ WMA and OGG files and tore through them in about 3 minutes! Everything went well, imported correctly and I’m back to normal. If you think of it, maybe add an option (unless I missed it) to automatically delete the original files instead of making the user do it manually. Other than that, it was fantastic! Highly recommended for this task.

By RebornJumpman on Nov 08, 2018, USA


5 star rating

Uno de los pocos programas con el que puedo convertir audio a M4a (AAC) en Alta Calidad (320kbps CBR). Llega perfecto a 22Khz al analizarlo con Spek. Otros soft cortan en 20Khz o ms abajo. Adems mantiene todos los Tags del Flac o Wav original, incluso el Cover (otros lo pierden).

By Dario Freije on Nov 05, 2018, Argentina

Very user friendly indeed!!

5 star rating

Very user friendly indeed!! would recommend this app to my friends

By JojojojoChan on Oct 01, 2018, Hong Kong

Simple and effective

4 star rating

Gets the job done and seems to run one conversion per core (if you are batching) at the same time which is nice.

By Mik_222 on Sep 13, 2018, UK

Does What’s Needed

5 star rating

I wanted an app to quickly transcode raw AAC to M4A, and this does it, no fuss, no muss.

By Video Beagle on Aug 23, 2018, USA

Nice app!

4 star rating

Improves iTunes 192 Khz, with double clarity of various instruments, as in still digital, but lots more definition, more like in actual studio or stage, using ALAC 32 bit at 384 Khz stereo m4a file. First cut with this app. We shall see if it keeps improving. Gets the pin-drop, but still needs a little static reduction using Kanto speakers. Easy-to-understand app with iTunes playlist plug-in. Hope update adds 512 Khz, that would be professional pin-drop music. Nice app!

By Reviewed with guidance from se on Aug 08, 2018, Canada

just what I need

5 star rating

great, easy and fast. Amazing

By on Jul 13, 2018, Spain