Customer Reviews of To M4A Converter

Quick & Ease

5 star rating

A nice piece of software that works quickly and easily. Its worthwhile setting up your formatting beforehand as the default setting produces a low quality file, but its easy to change.

By Poxicator on Jul 28, 2021, UK

INCREDIBLE and fast!

5 star rating

I downloaded a bunch of music archives from an old show I used to watch of some albums that got lost through the years, and it cleared 3GB of Flac in less than 4 minuites. Completely blown away, kept the format, and the quality was just as crystal clear! I deeply appreciate that I dont have to put it all in one by one, as that would get tiresome, but I was prepared out of desperation, but thanks for making it so easy without a paywall.

By BabyCocoa1992 on Jun 15, 2021, USA

Works perfectly

5 star rating

doesn't inflate file sizes and converts very quickly.

By ♫♪♫♪♫♪ on Mar 12, 2021, USA

wow :)

5 star rating

this app took 42 seconds for 170 mp3 music files! and the payment apps say theyre better, HA HA HA...WOW

By lanerdude10 on Dec 27, 2020, USA

As easy as pie if still using iTunes to connect music with iPhone!

5 star rating

Like to purchase/keep FLAC files, but to convert FLAC to Apple Lossless audio files (M4A), To M4A Converter Lite could not be easier, faster or robust enough. If anyone has another way to store music and still get it to your piPhone, would love to hear it. Until then, To M4A Converter is super useful!

By Watermap on Oct 31, 2020, USA

Perfectly functional

5 star rating

Works as advertised with great speed

By on Sep 22, 2020, Mexico


5 star rating

I previously used music file converters downloaded from the internet,but became increasingly frustrated with poor performance and wasted time. Never thought something like this would be available through App Store. "What's to lose?". Awesomely fast (even with multiple conversions),simple to use (vital for me!) and works flawlessly (On Mac). If that wasn't enough? IT'S FREE!!!. What's not to like?. Only wish I'd found it sooner and saved all that time and hassle. Thanks Guys! 5* from me.

By Redsfan 4 ever on Jul 25, 2020, UK

Works fine

5 star rating

Works fine for converting wha to mp4

By juancapani on Jun 01, 2020, Spain

Work perfectly, simple UI

5 star rating

Used for converting to ALAC format. Worked very well with minimal UI which I like

By nghiacc on Apr 27, 2020, Vietnam


5 star rating

La verdad pense que no serviria, pero la necesitaba para un trabajo de un audio tipo .WMA y funciono exageradamente rapido, 100% confiable.

By Enrique Maroc on Mar 31, 2020, Mexico

Works, fast and easy

4 star rating

Converting old wma. music that was migrated from an old PC to a MAC was pretty easy. WMA to iTunes was what I looked for. Now I dont know if I really want to keep many of those oldies.

By Upacreek2day on Mar 21, 2020, USA