Customer Reviews of To M4A Converter

Amazing Love it

5 star rating

Best converter directly dumps into itunes easy to use Amazing

By P_P_29! on Jun 22, 2024, USA

Good app

4 star rating

Does what it's supposed to. I can't complain.

By DustyBrickBrown on Jun 21, 2024, USA

Music Transfer for iTunes

5 star rating

Works as advertised.

By another user &* on May 18, 2024, USA

Works Great

5 star rating

drap and drop conversion. very straitforward

By Nik Name Also on Apr 26, 2024, USA


5 star rating

Awesome software!! Easy to use all features and the Help guide is very comprehensive and user friendly. Worthy of 6 STARS !

By 432 Hz all the way on Jan 12, 2024, Canada

Easy and works fine

5 star rating

A very good app to comvert my old wma lossless to apple lossless wiht all information an tags. great!

By Lemsi on Dec 23, 2022, Germany

Seriously outstanding

5 star rating

I threw about 35GB of some serious throwback music from the early 2000s that I ripped from my CDs and downloads through college. I found an old HDD labled 'archive' and found everything I thought I lost years ago. I struggled with a variety of tools for months, and stumbled on M4A - it worked flawlessly, fast, and is a bit of a surprise that this is so effective in converting, handling metadata, and allowing me to import into the Apple Music (aka, iTunes) app with Album Art being auto-fetched based on the metadata. If I could give 10 stars, I would. Thanks!

By bear187k on Oct 21, 2022, USA

Very fast

5 star rating

Because of the limited capability of Apple Music that cannot even convert FLAC to ALAC (Apple Lossless), this software does the job perfectly. A great thank you to the developer!

By KrissBill on Mar 21, 2022, USA


5 star rating

Absolute no problem of any kind at all. Fast and intuitive... 58 folders, 751 audio files, 2.77Gb smooth and easy. No advertising, no requests, no interruptions. Amazing!!

By Leonchis on Feb 04, 2022, USA

Exactly what I wanted

5 star rating

I’m not an audio engineer and don’t want to be.I had a lot of WMA files I needed to get into iTunes. I reviewed evertthing in App Storeand was not comfortable with anything.Either too much, I didn’t need or couldn’t understand, bad reviews from people trying to save a dollar, or no idea if songs would stay grouped by album, etc.I guess some folks don’t want to spend money, but the price was cheap for great tutorial, easy use, and perfect conversions importingeasily to iTunes. Thanks.

By Skeeterfitz on Jan 30, 2022, USA

Funktioniert immer

5 star rating

Setze das Programm seit ca. 1 Jahr ein. Vom Flac nach m4a, ACC, ALCA oder .... Das Programm hat immer funktioniert, auch nach Update von macOS. Das einzige was stört, es gibt keine Deteils zum Datenschutz.

By Lr Bu on Oct 17, 2021, Germany