Customer Reviews of To Audio Converter - Page #6

cool !

5 star rating

vraiment un bon logiciel pile c'qu'il faut pour normaliser

By pololecrapo on May 12, 2020, France

DTS Format... Problem Soved

5 star rating

Had sound files in DTS format and Quicktime could not read them and I tried several other converters with no success. This one not only worked beautifully, it was very fast. Problem solved... Thanks!

By GoodRookie on May 02, 2020, USA


5 star rating

Amazingly fast, stable, reliable, a lot of music files to choose in converting. Easy to understand tutorials and friendly user. If I could give 10 stars I would.

By egg66 on Jan 30, 2020, USA

It Works!

5 star rating

I was impressed. I had taken my car in to check the USB ports as they wouldn''t play my converted files. I tried this app, and right away, my conversions worked, no matter the format. I like it.

By Greg0987654 on Jan 07, 2020, USA


5 star rating

Tut bisher was es soll und das durchaus zuverlässig und flott.

By What.a.mesh! on Jan 01, 2020, Austria


5 star rating

透過這軟體轉檔案類型非常方便,感謝發明者。 這筆錢花得很值得~

By James_ZYZH on Dec 11, 2019, Taiwan

Great app

5 star rating

Works well and converts audio files quickly.

By Ralim on Dec 09, 2019, Philippines

Versatile and highly functional

5 star rating

I've used several audio converters and this one tops them all. The batch functionality is impressive, converting everything you throw at it. Set it and forget it. I just finished a batch of nearly 9,000 files that completed without incident. This app is the one to have if you're serious about audio. Oversampling of lower bitrates ensures you get every bit of sound contained in the source. An amazing app that I wish I would have found sooner. I may have to try the Tag Editor now. Great piece of software!

By Sabrina105 on Oct 25, 2019, USA

Simple but effective

5 star rating

Does exactly what it needs to do and does so efficiently. Happy to pay the $25

By northp on Oct 07, 2019, Canada

Good stuff

5 star rating

Did exactly what I wanted it to do. I wanted to make a recording of some dialogue using an aging Olympus digital voice recorder for use on my iPhone in my car. The Olympus uses the wrong file format for my audio editor so I got the app and bingo! Simple to use and after conversion and editing I used the in app faciilty to save the finished file in my iTunes library. Job done cleanly and efficiently. Nothing not to like hence five stars.

By Zlicker on Sep 23, 2019, UK

직관적이고 군더더기 없는 깔끔한 앱.

5 star rating

오디오 파일을 관리하다보면 여러가지 툴을 함께 이용해야 하는 불편함이 있었는데, 이 앱은 정말 깔끔하게 그것을 한번에 처리할 수 있도록 도와줍니다.

By NuendoSZ on Sep 22, 2019, Korea, Republic Of