Customer Reviews of To Audio Converter - Page #8

Simple but effective

5 star rating

Does exactly what it needs to do and does so efficiently. Happy to pay the $25

By northp on Oct 07, 2019, Canada

Good stuff

5 star rating

Did exactly what I wanted it to do. I wanted to make a recording of some dialogue using an aging Olympus digital voice recorder for use on my iPhone in my car. The Olympus uses the wrong file format for my audio editor so I got the app and bingo! Simple to use and after conversion and editing I used the in app faciilty to save the finished file in my iTunes library. Job done cleanly and efficiently. Nothing not to like hence five stars.

By Zlicker on Sep 23, 2019, UK

직관적이고 군더더기 없는 깔끔한 앱.

5 star rating

오디오 파일을 관리하다보면 여러가지 툴을 함께 이용해야 하는 불편함이 있었는데, 이 앱은 정말 깔끔하게 그것을 한번에 처리할 수 있도록 도와줍니다.

By NuendoSZ on Sep 22, 2019, Korea, Republic Of

the great converter

5 star rating

good and fast converter… very recommended

By ody prasetyo on Aug 26, 2019, Indonesia

Best of all !!

5 star rating

Another great App from Amvidia !! Thank you.

By NikosAr on Aug 24, 2019, Greece

Competent & quick

5 star rating

I'm very happy with this audio converter. Tested different settings and compared the different results both by listening to the sound and watching the waveforms. Finally settled with the M4A audio format with AAC LC MP4 codec. I chose bit rate mode as variable with VBR quality High. Under Effects settings I chose Loudness normalization to -12.9 LUFS and trim silence -45 dBFS. The result is that my music collection sounds better than ever with even volume, so I very seldom adjust the volume controls. I can also recommend the developer's other great program "Tag Editor", which makes life easier to edit tags.

By damienn_d on Aug 13, 2019, Sweden

Nice and stable

5 star rating

I thought that I'd save a few bucks and buy a cheaper app, which carshed and crashed and crashed. THIS app has proven to be a much better choice. Works fast, does what it promises. Nice.

By Papa Tony in SD on Aug 05, 2019, USA

More visible control than iTunes

4 star rating

This was my first real brush with sound engineering so I was unaware of the LUFS revolution. No doubt this was a simple yet powerful application which would quickly convert a large hierarchy of music files. The question is whether it delivered what I (a music listener) requires. On peak normalisation it ran fast. Loudness normalisation took longer but the result was better. I normalised my library (mixed aiff and mp3) at -15LUFS for a mobile mp3 player. It was good to discover later that experts considered -16LUFS a suitable value – a near miss, and a degree of confirmation that I needed. However I did not always agree that the result was equal perceived 'average' loudness across all my music files. Some were definitely louder than others. In extreme cases the only alternative was to compress certain individual files. To Audio Converter provided compression if you wanted it, but there was no control over the degree of compression which was probably too high for music. Variable compression might be a useful addition to an application that I considered well worth buying.

By WhistleWhileYouWork on Jun 27, 2019, UK

The biggest help I have had in a while amazing!

5 star rating

Absolutely loved this app who ever made it thank you!

By waspclass22 on Jun 21, 2019, UK

Best App

5 star rating

I luv this app. The best part is the folder structure…..AMAZING

By KingArthur216 on May 26, 2019, USA

Exactly what I needed

5 star rating

This program is easy to use and did exactly what I needed it to do. I haven't explored all of the features yet, but what I have used works well.

By Adie S. Cast on May 12, 2019, USA