Customer Reviews of To Audio Converter - Page #5

very simple to use

5 star rating

this is the only app support replcate source structures. just drag folder in ,and output files put to a new folder

By 孤独的1122 on Nov 11, 2020, USA


5 star rating

I purchased the full version I like it so much and it works flawlessly on my Mac.

By Rayt2112 on Nov 01, 2020, USA

Easy to use!

5 star rating

Great, easy to use app!

By PhilR2013 on Oct 09, 2020, Canada

Audio Converter Amazing

5 star rating

This may be the easiest softwear I have eer used. And on top of that it's FAST as well. It ate through megebytes of files in seconds. Love it.

By Dave W 270. on Oct 03, 2020, USA


4 star rating

Anytime I open the app and convert a file. When I close out the progress window, it always asks if i would like to close the progress window. When I hit do not show this message again, it only doesnt show it again while the app is still running. If I restart the app, the "close progress window" popup comes back

By ThunderTheDog on Sep 12, 2020, USA


5 star rating

Абсолютно всё, что нужно. Спасибо!

By nikartgraphics on Sep 06, 2020, Russia


5 star rating

To Audio Converter 的操作的方式直覺、簡潔,轉檔效率高。

By Scott G.F. Hong on Sep 06, 2020, Taiwan

Super Helpful

5 star rating

I switched from PC to Mac last year, after having built up a massive music library over 11 years. I couldn't play a lot of the music on my hard drive, but this is really helpful and quick. I'm so glad I found it.

By adriennek13 on Aug 20, 2020, USA

Very Useful

5 star rating

Looks quite useful. I convert FLAC files to WAV in order to record in CD for a Jukebox and thisprogram do exactly what I want, simply convert FLAC to WAV. I have the option to remove any modification to the signal.

By Anarkex on Aug 09, 2020, Chile

Love it!

5 star rating

So far it has worked with everything I've thrown at it. It really is pretty quick and versatile. I am not a fan of the multiple windows though. One app window, one general-settings window and a progress window. Personally I like one window split in half, left side for what your inputting, right side for output.

By MacRob2G4 on Aug 09, 2020, USA


5 star rating

Great and hustle free.

By johnnythefox!!!! on Jul 23, 2020, Greece