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5 star rating
Great App! Did the job I needed it to do and it didn't cost me a thing. I would purchase the full version if it didn't cost $25, I find that a little steep for an App i'll only use 2-3 times a year if that. Lite version works just fine for me.
By SCKL2012 on Mar 21, 2019, Canada

Even better!

5 star rating
Been using it for months - then suddenly my iMac died. Fortunately all was backed up. For now (until new iMac arrives) I’m using an ancient laptop. Feared I’d have to guy a new copy though not terribly upset as the price is a bargain. But, no! It was easy to copy from the backup and the temporary computer is working perfectly. Sound as good as ever. I had called this a good buy - now I’ll call it an even better buy! Thanks, team, you have a great product.
By Midnight Oiler on Mar 10, 2019, USA


5 star rating
This converter is the best I've used...
By BrainScanMedia on Mar 04, 2019, USA

well done

5 star rating
works as described. not fancy but easy to use and the price is right....FREE!
By B B Grogan on Feb 27, 2019, USA

Quick and Easy

5 star rating
To Audio Converter is my "go to" app for creating FLAC files to play in the car. It is extremely easy to use and gets the job done without hassle.
By TikiBum09 on Feb 20, 2019, USA

Feature Rich, Quality, Well Designed

5 star rating
Product is well designed and offers the features and flexibility to qualitatively transform audio files very easily. All aspects of the audio file transformation and conversion are addressed. I was actually very impressed by all the fetures including the competition leading "Batch Conversion". It allows you to efficiently convert an entire Music Collection quicly with excellent status reporting. It seems to do this by taking greastest advantage of the Mac's superior multitaking processor assignment architecture. I am very, very pleased with this product and do not hesitate to highly recommend it. Feature Request: Add Custom Conversion Profiles so that Conversion Settings can be even more easily selected and associated with a "Name / Label"
By TQ-Smooth on Jan 01, 2019, USA

Precisely the app I've wanted for 10 years

5 star rating
Does everything I've ever wanted an app to do with iTunes for a decade or more, especially shaving the silence off tracks' beginnings and ends. Superb purchase
By alaugharne86 on Dec 14, 2018, UK

Semplice ed efficace

4 star rating
Applicazioni piccola che fa il suo lavoro egregiamente permettendo di convertire velocemente moltitudini di file audio senza passare per la libreria di iTunes. Interfaccia un po' retr (per questo 4 stelle) ma comunque comoda. Consigliata!
By Andrea Busato on Dec 12, 2018, Italy

Great app for daily use

5 star rating
Thanks for a fast and convenient app, that's just what I was looking for
By Julieyar on Dec 06, 2018, Russia


5 star rating
By レズー on Nov 29, 2018, Japan


5 star rating
Best audio converter ever I have⭐️RECOMMEND IT
By DJCHVKY on Nov 22, 2018, USA