Customer Reviews of To Audio Converter

This works for me

5 star rating

Yep, converts like a charm from FLAC to ALAC

By ZeesMac on Jun 24, 2023, India

Best batch converter I've seen

5 star rating

Nothing else to say, its very fast

By Logsarecool10101 on Jun 13, 2023, USA

sehr praktisch

5 star rating

Hatte vorher die kostenlose Programmfassung to mp3 Convertre Lite, und nachdem die sich sehr bewährt hat, habe ich gerne die Kaufvariante erworben. Funktioniert gut. Auch, um aus einem mp4 nur das Audio zu gewinnen.

By Cornelius S on Jun 09, 2023, Germany

Best I've Seen - Wish It Retained Chapters

4 star rating

This is an excellent audio conversion app with every codec and codec settings you could want including AAC HEv2. Easy to use, fast, and retains all tags and artwork. My only disappointment is that it doesn't retain chapters. I have many music shows and audio books with chapters, which are lost when converted.

By RazorQueen Ulka on May 09, 2023, USA


5 star rating

Hope to have years ahead of success and support to handle upgrades ti IOS updates so it does not stop working. Congratulations and Good job to the team who developed this!!!

By Fm0509 on Feb 11, 2023, USA


5 star rating

The software is very fast at converting hundreds of files at a time. The software works exactly as expected.

By markandrew21 on Feb 10, 2023, USA


5 star rating

Thank you for creating this app. I have used it for hundreds of projects for CDBABY. I told my brother in law about the app., and he purchased it also. Thanks again!

By GGAZ777 on Feb 10, 2023, USA


5 star rating

funktioniert einfach und gut und ist kostenlos

By pidderpedder on Feb 07, 2023, Switzerland

Nothing Better

5 star rating

We've been using this app at our radio stations for many years. We contiually try new programs just in case there's something better. But there isn't anything better. Fast, clean, light and effective. Consistant performance. When paired with Tag Editor, To Audio has no competition.

By cramllegna on Feb 05, 2023, USA

Get paid version

4 star rating

if your like me, I have thousands of WMA files in their folders. the paid app converts it all and puts them right into a folder, keeping everything organized.

By hdghost on Feb 03, 2023, USA


5 star rating

App does an amazing job, is super easy to use and extremely fast. Would recommend!

By andgheorghi on Jan 21, 2023, UK