Customer Reviews of To Audio Converter - Page #2

It works

5 star rating

It does the job. Simple app for simple task. Unlike most of other converters that offers only 2 demo tracks this one seems to be complete app. Many thanks to developers.

By Cypher_kun on Sep 08, 2022, Thailand

Excellent Batch Encoder

5 star rating

Just got done with transcoding 100GB music library from WMA to MP3. It completed the job flawlessly. Love the tag editor too.

By Ahmad Bilal on Sep 01, 2022, USA

Super Awesome App

5 star rating

This app help me converted hundred of .m4a files organized in 5 folders in 3 les than 3 mins.

By Vinhhoangtran on Jul 18, 2022, Vietnam

Best converter out there

5 star rating

I love the flexibility and simple interface. Great for converting CDs to FLAC and MP3, and the companion tag editor is worth every penny!

By polymerize on Jun 11, 2022, USA

funktioniert tadellos

5 star rating

Prgramm ist schnell und zuverlässig. Habe bisher nichts besseres zu dem Preis gesehen.

By Rocksuchti on Apr 24, 2022, Germany

Worked Quickly and Perfectly

5 star rating

Somehow I was under the impression that Apple Music supported FLAC audio files, so that was my format choice for some music I purchased recently. The converter changed the format instantly and sent it to my Apple Music folder automatically. Easy peasy.

By FlamingoSteve on Mar 28, 2022, USA

Great job

5 star rating

Does exactly what is meant to do. Thank you so much <3

By Most frustrating game on Mar 13, 2022, Canada

Fa benissimo quello che deve fare!

5 star rating

Dopo aver provato inutilmente tanti altri programmi e tante altre applicazioni, ho trovato finalmente ciò che volevo. Gratuita e super intuitiva, converte molti file contemporaneamente e in soli pochi istanti. Consigliatissima!

By Biagio Pettinato on Feb 25, 2022, Italy

Great tool with a myriad of options

5 star rating

I use this a lot to convert FLAC or other non-lossy format music files to 320kbps AAC for my iTunes library that goes on mobile devices, and the batch conversions are lightning fast. Been using it forever, it seems.

By KloderTX on Jan 27, 2022, USA

Going Strong

5 star rating

I've been using this app for about 4 years now, how the time flies. It's pretty great. Good UI, simple, and clean. Gets the job done everytime without hassle. I have a handful of programs that i will never delete, and this is one of them.

By wizard of castle land on Jan 22, 2022, USA

Great software

5 star rating

Very fast batch conversion and extremely easy to use. I converted about 1,500 WMA files to MP3 files in a single batch and the software even gave me the option to send the output files to my Apple Music library. The conversion included all of the meta data such as artist, album, genre, etc. Very satisified with this software! Thank you for making it available.

By Patti B10 on Dec 30, 2021, USA