Customer Reviews of To Audio Converter - Page #10

Precisely the app I've wanted for 10 years

5 star rating

Does everything I've ever wanted an app to do with iTunes for a decade or more, especially shaving the silence off tracks' beginnings and ends. Superb purchase

By alaugharne86 on Dec 14, 2018, UK

Semplice ed efficace

4 star rating

Applicazioni piccola che fa il suo lavoro egregiamente permettendo di convertire velocemente moltitudini di file audio senza passare per la libreria di iTunes. Interfaccia un po' retr (per questo 4 stelle) ma comunque comoda. Consigliata!

By Andrea Busato on Dec 12, 2018, Italy

Great app for daily use

5 star rating

Thanks for a fast and convenient app, that's just what I was looking for

By Julieyar on Dec 06, 2018, Russia


5 star rating


By レズー on Nov 29, 2018, Japan


5 star rating

Best audio converter ever I have⭐️RECOMMEND IT

By JM/Sounds on Nov 22, 2018, USA


5 star rating

Finalmente una app gratuita che fa egregiamente il suo lavoro; molto meglio delle altre (es. The File Converter) per cui c' un limite di 5 miseri Mb dopo i quali necessario pagare per procedere con la conversione.

By vins___ on Nov 19, 2018, Italy

Quick and Effecient

5 star rating

I do considerable work with MP3 audio and find the Audio Converter Package The ideal system for what I attempt to accomplish. One addition I would like to see is a direct method of printing from the Tag Editor. Although cutting and pasting to EXCEL isn’t that difficult, direct printing from the Tag Editor on batch jobs would be much easier. Keep up the good work. You definitely have a winner.

By RFMichael on Nov 03, 2018, USA

Best yet!

5 star rating

I’ve been using the lite version for a week doing voice tracks for a radio station from about a thousand miles away. The .mp3 converter built into the editing program produced a nasty, echoey ksound. Tried several “free” converters including the lite version. Incredibly good. So good I bought the full version and have hjust used it for the first tinme. Definitely worth the price.

By Midnight Oiler on Oct 25, 2018, USA

nach langer Suche..

5 star rating

..mal ein Converter, welcher ohne zusatzpakete einfach convertiert. Ntzlich, schnell und unkompliziert. So soll es sein, per drag & drop direkt von itunes ohne Probleme auf mp3 in einen Wunschfolder convertieren, dieses Tool kann das. Empfehlung!

By Yaksonsan on Sep 18, 2018, Austria

Massive Time Saver

5 star rating

I was staring at 235 Wave files that needed converting to mp3 and other formats, then ditch the wave.. this app does it with ‘ONE’ Swipe. set up your preferences, drag an ENTIRE folder, it searches through the folders gets every wave, converts it, tosses it any bin of your choosing and then ditches the old wave file in the trash, (if you want it too). What I thought was going to take me weeks, took me less than an hour!!! I bought it just to say thank you!

By TW Smith on Sep 07, 2018, USA

Very useful app - highly recommend it to everyone

4 star rating

Very useful app I highly recommend it to everyone. A big help after looking around for something for some time this did the job well done. Thank you very much to the app developers. Keep up the good work.

By ShahJo on Aug 30, 2018, UK