Customer Reviews of To Audio Converter - Page #10

Thank You!

5 star rating

- just works - configuration options even for a Lite version - clean/minimal UI - 11/10

By utopiaio on Aug 21, 2017, USA

3ga to mp3

5 star rating

Did exactly what I needed it to do, convert 3ga files salvaged from my old broken phone to mp3. Very simple and intuitive to use.

By Idontwanttomakeupanickname7819 on Aug 04, 2017, Sweden

Simply Beautiful

5 star rating

Straight forward, quick fast and in a hurry! Thanks!

By Caviar' on Aug 02, 2017, USA


5 star rating

Great app - helped me transfer a file I needed to hear.

By TW33 on Jul 23, 2017, USA

Lifesaver for making phone system audio clips

5 star rating

Real easy to drag n drop the Quicktime .m4a and get back a .wav for a telephone system voice response system. I guess if Apple can't do that it itself as an option it must be pretty tricky! Thanks very much! I will think of you every time I phone my happy client!

By boblepp on Jul 05, 2017, Canada

Good app

5 star rating

Good app works well!

By Jbcw66 on May 29, 2017, USA


5 star rating

This app actually did what it said it would do, thanks!

By GDRWX on May 13, 2017, Canada

Extract audio from YouTube video to iTunes

5 star rating

I love opera but hate spending $25-40 for CDs. I mention that not to be snooty, but because the sound range and accuracy really matters to me. I’m not terribly tech-savvy, so easy to follow instructions were appreciated. Even better, it worked as advertised. I downloaded an opera from YouTube onto my iMac and then used AudioConverter to put the audio into iTunes. I listened on my car stereo and the sound quality is very good.

By Sky BlueDog on May 08, 2017, USA

Works well

5 star rating

Great little app. Simple to use and reliable.

By nick 929 on Apr 19, 2017, USA

Works as I had hoped

5 star rating

I'm converting .aiff files to .mp3 and this works quickly, intuitively and reliably for me. Glad to find that it's as simple as it needs to be!

By D Soto on Apr 01, 2017, USA

Works perfectly

5 star rating

I’ve had only a good experience with this app !

By SBA89 on Mar 30, 2017, Denmark