Customer Reviews of To Audio Converter - Page #11

Blazing fast

5 star rating

This is the fastest app ive used to convert my flac files to aac. I wasted $15 on another App that didnt even allow me to adjust the bit rate and the developer actually said for me to use handbrake. Well, i took a rish with this app and im very impressed. Im impressed with the encoder how detailed and high quality it is, and this thing is incredibly fast, highly recommend!

By Dreamcast on Aug 22, 2018, USA

Does Just What It Should

5 star rating

Easy to use and does just what it should. Go on….. Buy it.

By 27Ford on Aug 18, 2018, UK


5 star rating

Great does everything you need money well spent

By Moe929 on Aug 17, 2018, USA

It does what it says it will do.

5 star rating

I downloaded it to my Mac Air, opened it, played with it a bit. Set up was easy. I had ripped 214 CD’s to MWA files and wanted MP3 files. Opened To Audio Converter, Set 3 settings and 6.5 Hr;s later I had MP3 files. Simple.

By algrump on Aug 14, 2018, USA

does what it says on the tin

5 star rating

Cant find a fault with this app as it does what i need it for - converting audio files

By ColinHartley on Aug 13, 2018, Finland

Gotta love Macs!

5 star rating

This little program is better than any I’ve found online or anywhere on the Windows App Store.

By MrMuscles18 on Aug 06, 2018, USA

One Fast, unique Audio File converter...

5 star rating

I have spent some time trying out and using several audio file converters, and this one is by far the quickest and most feature packed utilities I have used yet. I find the user interface a bit odd, but once you have configured it, and see how well it performs, you'll know that it’s a tool that will convert loads of music files in short order. It can be configured to normalize or adjust the sound levels from file to file on the fly, which is a very worth wild feature for most users. It can also help convert and move metadata to. As noted on the vendors WED page, this application takes advantage of multicore processors to boost the performance. I checked this by monitoring the core usage when converting files, and it does take and put each core to work. It also will convert to Apple m4a Lossless format, which some other converters don’t handle. So, at least in my limited experience I find it well worth the price.

By Bob C77 on Jun 16, 2018, USA

Does what it says

5 star rating

I needed to convert several hundred .wav files to .mp3 for distribution and initlally looked at the "To MP3” app. For little more expense, this one does that and looks to have the versatility for a wide range of audio formats. First use (>30GB of .wav to .mp3) went smoothly. I could have done it in my DAW (Reaper) but, even with some scripting, would have taken a lot longer - the cost of this app was money well spent. The default options probably fit most purposes but there’s plenty to tweak for almost any need I can envisage in future. Recommend for anyone who needs to swap audio formats. One improvement suggestion: add an option to convert stereo to mono.

By Steve@Aberdeen on Jun 14, 2018, UK

Tolle App

5 star rating

Macht genau was sie soll!

By dhaujhads on May 22, 2018, Germany


5 star rating

Die App tut was sie soll. Einfach und Problemlos

By on May 16, 2018, Germany

Did the job

5 star rating

I record lectures for class and this app was able to convert the recordings into the itunes app. Thank You!

By SrhCrtz on Apr 02, 2018, USA