Customer Reviews of To WAV Converter

MP3 to WAV

5 star rating
I use this app to convert music files almost daily. Has been an amazing tool.
By Shon Cloud on Sep 25, 2020, USA

Works a treat

5 star rating
Fantastic for converting MP3 backing tracks to WAV files. Excellent job thank you.
By Hows Zat on Sep 15, 2020, Australia

Macht, was es soll!

5 star rating
...und das sehr schnell!
By HermanHinds on Dec 22, 2019, Germany

I just fricken HAD to compliment

5 star rating
This is all the things i wish programs were. Simple. However its a very simple program but so many programs make simple things so hard with so many windows. This is so easy. for me I have a dmx light program that doesnt like mp4s like from itundes. I use to have to import in iTunes etc, find the darn file. Go to preferences, conver to wav, find the wav, move the wav to the foler finding the darn folder. With this, righ click, open the file with wave converter, hit convert and it makes a copy in the foler you startedd with. And isnt that what you want? Ya-put the darn file in that foler for a reason, its just the wrong type. Its so eash and so fast. So then I got To mp3 converter, wish has been so difficult!!! Now its so easy. I blame iTunes trying to make things so easy they made everything so hard. If other companies could follow this it would be great. Whom ever made this thank you, im looking for something to convert to mov, and im scared to get it from another company, hope yall made one.
By Jupiter studios stl on Mar 21, 2019, USA


5 star rating
Simply awesome! Simple to use, efficient, to the point. No frills, just thrills!
By Zarandok67 on Jun 03, 2018, USA

Drag and Drop Period

5 star rating
No Hassles Guaranteed lol! They are great
By Rev. Russ on Feb 22, 2018, USA

Helped us out of a scrape!

5 star rating
So after a long and uninteresting string of events I arrived at a situation where I had to convert some MP3 audio recodings into WAV files so they would work better with Adobe Premiere Pro which was glitching (there was a Uni’ deadline and Adobe wouldn’t play ball to allow me to download Audition). Downloaded this App in a few seconds, backed up the original dozen files and a few seconds later this App had converted them perfectly allowing them to work as I needed. Uni’ deadline met and crisis averted. Will definitely need this again as I will need to do similar over next few years. Very easy and quick.
By squashedfrogg on Nov 03, 2017, UK


5 star rating
By ‘晴天‘ on Aug 29, 2017, China

LIterlly, drag and drop

5 star rating
I trusted thre 25 people ahead of me who gave it a full five stars. Everything they said is correct. It solved a major concern and is comparable to very expensive software. I'm in my 70s and have used only Apple/Mac computers for more than 30 years. If only all apps were as well-designed.
By PBeyerl on Jul 23, 2017, USA

Does exactly what it says on the tin!

5 star rating
Operates flawlessly. Just what I needed.
By Keith_Griffiths on Mar 01, 2017, UK

To WAV Converter

5 star rating
For the reduliously low price of $9.99, this little app rivels everything out there. It’s extreememly quick and accurate. Like lightening flashing, it will turn any music file in to a WAV file. I don’t know when it first came out, but I’m sure gald that I discouvered it.
By Chanmayl on Jan 28, 2017, USA