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Does the Job, Does it Right

5 star rating

No apparent issues or unnecessary questions (Do I want this converted file to be simultaneously compressed? No, of course not! And I'm sick of other apps asking me that same question! Don't waste my time!) My only concern is the money involved - I figure any coder with a bit of experience ought to be able to build this same product in an hour or so (I AM NO EXPERT, SO I DO NOT PUT EXCESS STOCK IN THIS CLAIM). Given that assumption, $25 is an outrageous fee to charge. If, however, I have vastly underestimated the problem of large-file conversion in computer programming, then then price matches. In any case, I am glad to have trusted the other reviewers - even if their reviews were so old as to refer to $10 purchase fees! - and to have saved myself from the brewing headache of going through all the other (truly worthless and/or insidious) apps available on the store which were quick to make claims the same as this. I will be running one final test of the program with the computer entirely disconnected from online services, in order to check that all conversions are handled locally, In which case my 5 stars will stand.

By 110or220 on Mar 20, 2024, USA

Einfach super!!!

5 star rating

Einfach super die App, schnell und zuverlässig! Nur zu empfehlen!

By Kehraus on May 18, 2023, Germany

Rychlé, silné

5 star rating

Umožňuje normalizovat pomocí normy EBU R128!!! Time saver!

By zazyczech on Sep 11, 2022, Czech Republic

Works Awesome!!!

5 star rating

Awesome, fast, easy to use app!!! Worth the money for me.

By Henry, Q on Jul 18, 2022, USA


5 star rating

Převádí Flac do wave rychle, doporučuji

By Boshur on Sep 17, 2021, Czech Republic

Wirklich sehr gut!

5 star rating

Die App ist schnell und unkompliziert!

By dkelxizsherkxk on Jul 04, 2021, Germany

Given it a Herculean task....

5 star rating

Project converting (eventually) 75,000 Flac files to Wav - presently finishing 55,000. As many variables as there are Flac files but mainly 24bit and 96-192kHz. It hasn't been quick even with a 16" 8-Core MBP but the app hasn't choked, froze or crashed during sometimes 10-15 hr conversion sessions. Add to the the ability to recreate a folder file structure without hiccups is a godsend. As crazy as the project seemed, the app has performed quite well as I move from Flac to Wav. I expect this to be my go-to app moving forward.

By robloo on Jun 02, 2021, USA

MP3 to WAV

5 star rating

I use this app to convert music files almost daily. Has been an amazing tool.

By Shon Cloud on Sep 25, 2020, USA

Works a treat

5 star rating

Fantastic for converting MP3 backing tracks to WAV files. Excellent job thank you.

By Hows Zat on Sep 15, 2020, Australia

Macht, was es soll!

5 star rating

...und das sehr schnell!

By HermanHinds on Dec 22, 2019, Germany

I just fricken HAD to compliment

5 star rating

This is all the things i wish programs were. Simple. However its a very simple program but so many programs make simple things so hard with so many windows. This is so easy. for me I have a dmx light program that doesnt like mp4s like from itundes. I use to have to import in iTunes etc, find the darn file. Go to preferences, conver to wav, find the wav, move the wav to the foler finding the darn folder. With this, righ click, open the file with wave converter, hit convert and it makes a copy in the foler you startedd with. And isnt that what you want? Ya-put the darn file in that foler for a reason, its just the wrong type. Its so eash and so fast. So then I got To mp3 converter, wish has been so difficult!!! Now its so easy. I blame iTunes trying to make things so easy they made everything so hard. If other companies could follow this it would be great. Whom ever made this thank you, im looking for something to convert to mov, and im scared to get it from another company, hope yall made one.

By Papa Pastie ICloud Account on Mar 21, 2019, USA