Customer Reviews of To WAV Converter - Page #3

Mp3s to WAV FAST!

4 star rating

Just bought it, have used it a few times already (have an old CD player, can’t read Mp3s). So you follow the instructions, drop in the Mp3 file you’re wanting to convert and the thing takes off like a jet. So far so good. Should that change, I’ll update!

By writer49 on Sep 29, 2015, USA

Mackie DL32R users, you need this app!

5 star rating

If you’ve got a Mackie DL32R, you need this app to convert music for Hard Drive playback. It will make life easy for sure!

By RobbySoundGuy on Jul 31, 2015, Australia

Works like a charm… :)

4 star rating

But i’m missing the Zoom function on the wave line...

By M.Lassen on Jun 20, 2015, Denmark

To WAV Converter

5 star rating

This is a very handy application. When you record on a Mac, it generally is in a mp3, mp4 format. In To WAV Converter you can choose bit rates, MHz, and PCM on the WAV file. AND, it is lightening fast. LOVE it.

By Oh Grab! on May 14, 2015, USA

Thank you

5 star rating

Thanks for efforts. This is awesome stuff. Made life easier.

By Ian Dromart on May 14, 2015, Australia


5 star rating

It does exactly what I want it to do and it does it well. I recommend it.

By ChrisBstation on Mar 28, 2015, USA

What I needed

5 star rating

Fast, easy to use, I love it

By Bargall on Feb 24, 2015, Canada

Does Exactly what it says

5 star rating

Im dealing with a useless company for our business phone systems (Primus). The only way to change our messages and voicemail is by uploading a specific WAV file recording. In the Wav needs specific hz, and rates etc…… This app can do it. I tried some of the free/lite conversion apps to test, but none would do the trick.

By Chicho81 on Feb 09, 2015, Canada

Reliable, simple and fast

5 star rating

I’ve processed several terabytes of HD video from several different cameras through this program and it’s worked 100% of the time. Some might think this is a one trick pony, but it’s a great trick. 5 stars, I like it.

By Dustin T on Aug 28, 2014, USA

Great, Simple, Fast!

5 star rating

I downloaded it to convert some files and it worked perfectly. Interface is simple and easy to use and the price is right!

By Bobby Pizzle on Aug 13, 2014, USA

Goedkoop, simpel en werkt goed

4 star rating

Ik converteer er AIFC en MP4 files mee naar WAV. Batch processing heb ik niet getest. Ik converteer niet veel files en converteer de files n voor n.

By johnelec on Apr 17, 2014, Netherlands