Customer Reviews of To WAV Converter - Page #3

Reliable, simple and fast

5 star rating
I’ve processed several terabytes of HD video from several different cameras through this program and it’s worked 100% of the time. Some might think this is a one trick pony, but it’s a great trick. 5 stars, I like it.
By Dustin T on Aug 28, 2014, USA

Great, Simple, Fast!

5 star rating
I downloaded it to convert some files and it worked perfectly. Interface is simple and easy to use and the price is right!
By Bobby Pizzle on Aug 13, 2014, USA

Goedkoop, simpel en werkt goed

4 star rating
Ik converteer er AIFC en MP4 files mee naar WAV. Batch processing heb ik niet getest. Ik converteer niet veel files en converteer de files n voor n.
By johnelec on Apr 17, 2014, Netherlands

Super easy to use and works great

5 star rating
Had to convert some files from wma to wav so I could pull them into Ableton Live, this worked great and was super easy. Thanks for making this!
By xMotherx on Apr 05, 2014, USA

Works as advertised

5 star rating
I downloaded this converter to turn an album of flac files into wav files and it worked well.
By linkistim on Mar 25, 2014, USA