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5 star rating

This app worked perfectly. Coverted my files with ease, BUT the only thing is after I converted them I had to go through and push play on each of the songs (in the newly converted files’ location) until I could hear the music to make them pop up in my iTunes Library. Was really easy to use though after about 5 minutes of trying to figure out why they wouldn’t transfer to my iTunes Library. For Sure an awesome buy!!

By Kayos28 on Jan 11, 2015, USA

Schlankes und effizientes Tool

5 star rating

Funktioniert einwandfrei auch aus iTunes-Beständen - es können auch spezielle Wiedergablisten ausgewählt werden um eine Essenz der Musikbibliothek zum Beispiel auf einer SD-Card zu speichern.

By Wolfram-Munich on Jan 06, 2015, Germany

wma converter to mp3

5 star rating

bought a new mac pro b’cuz i wanted to change over to the apple program :) so, all my music is in wma. i got this app thinking i will be able to transfer them to mp3. well…some songs transferred no problem others didn’t….why idk. (problem…the few songs that converted are in a separate file and not on my iTunes…:(… im still tryn to figure out how to convert my music to mp3 so that i can dj using all MP3 as my mac won’t play wma songs. so did the app really do what i expected……….not really….(for me) WOULD I RECOMMEND THIS APP? Um… not at this time Unless ur converting only a few songs and u dont mind if they are on itunes...

By downbeat50 on Dec 25, 2014, USA

Sooooo Happpyyyyy!!!!!

5 star rating

Had old music videos on vcrs from 30 years ago. Some times I like to listen to video version. So easy to do. Put video in drop spot, converted to audio before I had a chance to see if I had to enter something else. Sound came out perfect. I would recommend this to anyone trying to get audio only from videos.

By meenooone on Dec 02, 2014, USA

Super App zum günstigen Preis!

5 star rating

Einfach, schnell und preiswert. 1500 Titel markieren - rüberziehen - und schon gehts los. Das ideale Programm um Musik von iTunes ins mp3 Format zu convertieren und auf einen USB-Stick kopieren fürs Auto-Radio. Ich bin begeistert!!

By ec0109 on Nov 14, 2014, Germany

Almost perfect!

4 star rating

The only thing missing that I can tell is a progress meter. Other than that, very simple to use and set up. True Drag and Drop! Thank you, I can now listen to my music in my cars.

By David Budlong on Nov 03, 2014, USA

Half the file size and twice the quality of another app!

5 star rating

I was looking to get the sound of MP4 files converting them to MP3. This allows me to adjust settings to get what I needed. The quality was fantastic. I don’t mind paying for an app that’s quality. Thanks.

By Braxton916 on Oct 23, 2014, USA

Easy to Use! Quick. Simple. Useful!

5 star rating

A great, simple, easy, file converter. Grateful to have something that works so simply and quickly. Simply drop the file you have into the file converter and a few seconds later you have an .mp3 file on your desktop or other designated file folder.

By Hockeymom2919 on Sep 30, 2014, USA

Worked for me

5 star rating

Only thing I wish it had was an option to write the converted files to the original file directory and replaced the original. I’m converting a bunch of FLACs and it’d be nice to not have to manually delete them all after the fact.

By Daytonlowell on Sep 22, 2014, USA

Excellent app

5 star rating

This app is so easy to use, I like it a lot. It maintains the file structure in the destination folder, making it very easy to organize the converted music. So far it has been very accurate, All songs converted with good sound.

By more music man on Sep 20, 2014, USA

It really doesn’t get any easier than this

5 star rating

I FINALLY decided to combine my old music collection from my pc and merge it with the more current collection on my mac. I had well over 450 Albums in wma format. I simply dragged the albums to the mp3 converter icon and presto….all of my music started to convert. Even though it is doubtful that I will ever have any more files to convert - the .99cent price was well worth it for this “could have been” tedious task. Also converts other types of files to mp3. I am definitely a fan!

By JoeJetSet on Aug 25, 2014, USA