Customer Reviews of To MP3 Converter - Page #117

It really doesn’t get any easier than this

5 star rating
I FINALLY decided to combine my old music collection from my pc and merge it with the more current collection on my mac. I had well over 450 Albums in wma format. I simply dragged the albums to the mp3 converter icon and presto….all of my music started to convert. Even though it is doubtful that I will ever have any more files to convert - the .99cent price was well worth it for this “could have been” tedious task. Also converts other types of files to mp3. I am definitely a fan!
By JoeJetSet on Aug 25, 2014, USA

works very well

5 star rating
I almost spent more money for things I didn’t need. This app simply and efficiently converts to MP3. Highly recommended...
By 908u on Aug 23, 2014, USA

Love it

5 star rating
The mp3 converters I had all stopped working. I think it is because of Mountain Lion. I got this because of the price and it did the trick. Soooo easy. I hope they add a button to click which allows us to place the files in the original location
By q0q0q0 on Aug 22, 2014, USA

Simpicity at it's best

5 star rating
Great app, does what itunes should do. Coverted over 200 songs to mp3 for a flash drive in less than 20 minutes! Worth every penny.
By ranger182 on Aug 20, 2014, USA

Great App, Great Price

5 star rating
Finally a wma to mp3 converter that’s quick, easy, simple and just works. I’d give it 6 stars if I could. Note: if your new to Mac and have a lot of WMA files around from your old windows computer, just use this app to convert them. Thanks!!
By dwtaper on Aug 12, 2014, USA

bestes programm für den job

5 star rating
macht den job besser als alle anderen programme einfach nur top
By MA72E on Aug 12, 2014, Germany

Great App

5 star rating
Easy and simple to use, does what it says on the tin
By Dec van riel on Jul 30, 2014, UK

Works great

5 star rating
I’ve been looking for something that can extract audio from MP4 videos and this converter and this does exactly what it says it does. I’m able to quickly batch convert.
By gigax1 on Jul 26, 2014, USA

warum kosten andere flac converter 8,99€??

5 star rating
Machg genau was ich erwarte: folder rüberziehen, komplett alles konvertieren, fertig!
By I-mor on Jul 23, 2014, Germany

Beste App aller Zeiten?

5 star rating
Ganz im Ernst: Die womöglich hilfreichsten 5,9 MB, die ich je für 0,89 €. Macht genau, was es soll. Schlicht und ergreifend. Ganzen Ordner mit zig Unterordnern voller FLACs öffnen, und das Ding legt los. Fertig.
By chrisdaveroth on Jul 03, 2014, Germany

just what i needed

5 star rating
very easy to use, perfect!
By gabriel sweden on Jun 06, 2014, Sweden