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Macht, was sie soll.

5 star rating
Die App heißt „To MP3 Converter“. Also muss sie auch nur zu MP3 konvertieren können. Und das kann sie richtig gut.
By burlesker on Feb 21, 2016, Germany

Good !!

5 star rating
Too Simple! Too Fast!! Too Minimal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By Grruuve on Feb 15, 2016, USA

Muito prtico e rpido!

5 star rating
Muito prtico e rpido!
By on Feb 15, 2016, Brazil

It works well

5 star rating
Got the full version after trying out the free version. It works well and i would recommend it. Handy and smart tool.
By AlphaDexter123 on Feb 14, 2016, Canada

World’s Best Loving Sounds

5 star rating
One word “ Outstanding “
By World’s Best on Feb 13, 2016, USA

As Advertised!

5 star rating
It does what it says to do, easily, quickly, and can’t get any cheaper than free! I needed to convert some WAV files to MP3, and this did the trick.
By SailFreex on Feb 12, 2016, USA


5 star rating
Not sure the difference between this and the one for Free w the same name ? But this one works great with the right simple set of options. When I put the mp3 into iTunes - it reverts to the original Metadata… so I hope they add an option to auto change the file name to whatever I convert…maybe it’s there already. In any case I like this app and it works well. Have not tried “batch” convert… but it does allow to drag a file onto the dock icon and convert to last preferences settings. Recommended.
By TruthwChrist on Feb 12, 2016, USA

Funciona muy bien

5 star rating
Fuciona para lo que describe que funciona, fcil y rpido :) Gracias, me ayudo mucho!
By Osw! on Feb 09, 2016, Mexico

To MP3 Converter - Free

5 star rating
It’s a great apps. Its so easy to convert MP3 music. I’m loving it.
By ericacosta01 on Feb 08, 2016, Philippines


5 star rating
I wanted an application that i could use to convert my iTune purchases into MP3’s, now i here you say that you can do that in iTunes BUT i didn’t want to duplicate the file (or even the title) before transfering to another folder, and this wonderful inexpensive application fits the shoe PERFECTLY. i would recommend this app to anyone with the same needs. GREAT
By Vianalky on Feb 07, 2016, UK

Works great

5 star rating
Very simple to use and very effective, if you are looking for a convertion program I definetly recommend it ( I mostly use it for WAV->MP3)
By shakirasteve on Feb 06, 2016, Belgium