Customer Reviews of To FLAC Converter

Great App !!

5 star rating

Does exactly what it says ... and excellently! This App can rip direct from CD or local PC files. It can take a few minutes, but I use this regularly when my BlueSound WiFi-HiFi Streaming refuses to download CDs.

By Jioneg on Jun 19, 2021, UK

Excellent simple app that does one job very well

5 star rating

Not encountered any problems on Intel machine, also converts AIFF files to FLAC. Tip: always use the highest compression setting for streaming. You'll use less of your bandwidth especially when you are mobile...😉

By ASGR71 on May 15, 2021, UK

Great app

5 star rating

Works, but on Bif Surf had to launch it a few times before it started functioning as normal

By 77BK77 on Jan 08, 2021, USA

Great Accessory!

4 star rating

I decided to digitize my very large CD collection to prepare it for streaming through Bluesound. I wanted the best quality ripping possible. I looked at the WAV 192/24 format, but when I discovered that the FLAC format is very nearly the same quality in a smaller file, I decided to use FLAC. I agree with another reviewer that the Tag Editor should be included, as the quality of metadata is often sloppy and innacurate, making sorting difficult. But other than that, no quibbles. It is fast and reliable.

By Rotobuster on Aug 26, 2020, USA

Funktioniert ohne Probleme

5 star rating

Tut, was es soll und das relativ zügig. Als ich mal Fragen zum Programm hatte, hat der Support schnell und freundlich reagiert. Was will man mehr?

By rott.weiler on Aug 22, 2020, Germany


5 star rating

I rip CDs into iTunes as Apple Lossless. FLAC is better for my AK 1000m player. It's so easy to drag and drop and import into my FLAC media player.

By Hatfull56 on Feb 25, 2020, Australia

Fast, Stable & Reliable.

5 star rating

Great ap, fast, stable and reliable.

By egg66 on Jan 24, 2020, USA

Sencillo y muy eficiente

5 star rating

Fcil de usar, veloz, con una interfaz de usuario amigable y suficientes opciones para ser una versin gratuita. Lo recomiendo ampliamente.

By Brecko25 on Dec 01, 2019, Mexico

Does the Job Well with Excellent Adjustable Parameters

5 star rating

It’s fast and accurate which I require for professional work. Does the job well. The interface itself, with all the various small windows and dialogue boxes, is a tad inelegant, popping up here and there with reminder windows, I’m done windows, are you sure you want to close me windows. It’s a bit chatty in that respect and could do with an overall interface cleanup to streamline its look and functionality. But it works, does its job, and that is why I paid for it instead of the numerous dodgy looking free aps out there. I look forward to updates.

By Director Steve on Sep 10, 2019, USA

Semplice ed efficacie

5 star rating

Applicazione di immediato utillizzo, semplice da usare. Compie perfettamente il suo compito

By Max Frankblacks on Apr 06, 2019, Italy

Funktioniert einwandfrei

5 star rating

Ich habe mit diesem Programm meine gesamte CD-Sammlung, die fast 1.500 Alben umfasst, ins FLAC-Format konvertiert. Das Program hat hierbei stabil funktioniert, ist nicht abgestürzt und hat sich auch nicht aufgehangen. Kurz gesagt, es tut genau das, was es soll!

By Thomas Holte on Mar 13, 2019, Germany