Customer Reviews of To FLAC Converter - Page #3

Gets the job done!

5 star rating
Great little app. Does what it says it does! Used it to convert MP3 320k to FLAC for Bandcamp upload. Thanks for the app!
By Noctambulousone on Feb 08, 2017, USA

Хороший конвертер

5 star rating
ToFlacConverter принял и .flac и .wv. Файлы по 2-3 ГБт Мне понравился больше, чем CUESplitter, который платный и глючит на некоторых .cue файлах. Разработчикам надо развивать юзабилити. Не все удобно пока. А так, спасибо.
By Runner VBor on Jan 31, 2017, Russia

Excellent but the tag editor should be native

4 star rating
Really easy to install and use, but I reckon that the full capabilities of the tag editing part should be native. I always feel a bit robbed when an app forces you to buy extra stuff to finish the job, which is the only reason I gave this 4 stars instead of 5. Other than that it is superb and heartily recommended! Sum up: RECOMMENDED - Buy it, you’ll love it!!
By Queegiesproggit on Jan 08, 2017, USA


5 star rating
By Tainanvincent on Dec 24, 2016, Taiwan

Great for those with quality streamers

5 star rating
I needed this for a mac laptop and it works like a charm-just choose your file then right click and 'open with’ the flac converter - choose your desination folder and with a short time voila! Piece of cake :-) I use it play the files on a naim streamer and on my phone and it’s as good a quality as the original you used to convert-it doesn’t make it perfect if it wasn’t a great recording in the first place, jast sayin’..
By dadadster on Jul 15, 2016, UK

Excellent Choice...

5 star rating
Ripping Flac files from CD’s @ 24bit 192k is a simple and effective way to hear what you’ve been missing. This App also does a nice job of up converting Apple Loseless as well as any other file based audio. If you’re a serious listener I recommend turning off any of it’s volume adjusting or normalizing effects as these alter the original sonic intention of the artist/mixer etc… These effects are on by default so Audiophiles will want them off.
By Mike B Studios on May 09, 2016, USA


5 star rating
This is serious for building your old collection from vinyl or cd
By age0007 on Mar 13, 2016, UK

Does what it should

5 star rating
Simple to use, SQ is great.
By El caballero de la noche 123 on Feb 22, 2016, Mexico

Like it

5 star rating
Works as described. I convert some .WAV files to .FLAC flawless.l
By Little Rittle on Feb 14, 2016, Mexico

Приятно удивлён

5 star rating
By _V_O_L_K_55 on Jan 14, 2016, Russia


5 star rating
Все нормально, и wav и ape и flac, разделил отлично. С учетом безплатности вообще супер! Спасибо!
By pensbox on Dec 22, 2015, Russia