Customer Reviews of MP3 Normalizer - Page #3

Mr A.M.

4 star rating

Overall the variations in volume of the mp3 audio tracks are normalised. I still notice the tracks that were too low are still a bit softer. But I have only used it once with bit rate set at 160kbps. If any advice is available, it would be appreciated.

By rockamaroo on Jun 18, 2016, Australia

MP3 Normalizer

5 star rating

This software seem to work great for standardising the volume across multiple tracks from different sources on a cd or mp3 player to use in the car. This is a godsend when driving because you don’t have to keep reaching for the volume button on the player. Only one fault; in future versions please program it to allow users a couple of weeks to try it before you send the constant pain-in-the-bum reminders to review it. Its no wonder people don’t bother to review it; they’re probably too irritated with the constant reminders. Apart from that, thanks for the great software at a very reasonable price.

By Saulty Dog on Jun 06, 2016, UK

Smooth Audio Change

5 star rating

Really like that I can balance the level of my sound files to play in a balanced way. No noticeable audio quality change. Worth it :)

By YogiFish on May 21, 2016, USA

MP3 Normalizer

5 star rating

Very good program, easy to use and excellent results

By Gypsy133 on May 15, 2016, Switzerland


4 star rating

still working it out, but so far, so good… normalizing tracks and then will try to trim starts and stops

By sw33tstr33t on Feb 28, 2016, Australia

Un bon petit programme pas cher!

5 star rating

Destiné à normaliser les volumes sonores de nos MP3, ce programme s’acquitte de sa tache avec efficacité et discrétion. En plus, MP3 normalizer récupère les tags sur le WEb. Très bon achat pour cette app simple d’utilisation.

By Gujanito on Feb 22, 2016, France

Great App. Some things still to improve

4 star rating

First of all. Great App. Does what it should do. And the results sound just fine! Also the price is really really low! Two things I realized which may be worth improving: - The trim silence option could be a little more sensitive. Sometimes it cuts the attack a little which results in a little plopp at the beginning of the track. - Some files I tried to convert seemed to be broken. However the app didnt tell me but just produced a 0 second version of the track. Maybe there is a way to tell the user if something like this happens.

By Trompetosaurus on Feb 12, 2016, Germany

it does its job

4 star rating

The app does its job - in contrast to some other apps. But it seems to lower the quality of the files. Nevertheless, I was able to raise the volume of the files where I wanted to do that and about that I’m happy.

By Mathijßem on Feb 07, 2016, Germany

Did what I wanted it to do...

5 star rating

Adjusting/Normalizing Volume Levels across a songlist is what I was looking for. This App was able to do this with ease and save the day for my party. Thanks for a great app !!!

By Jarre' on Dec 19, 2015, USA

Great App for Mobile Listening

5 star rating

I was fortunate to be able to try the beta version of MP3 Normalizer. I had been looking for an app that would provide some compression of music files for mobile use. Seems no matter how quiet your vehicle is ambient noise usually requires constant adjustment of the volume especially on classical music. With the special processing of voice enabled I normalized an assortment from the Telarc Sampler Series of their Classical and Jazz selections and although I have not yet listened to all of the selections, in my opinion, the app does a good job with compression, making the selections very listenable in the car where constant volume adjustments were necessary with the un-normalized versions. I am sure audio purists would not agree but it does a great job at least for my purposes. I will admit that "Explosions Polka" did tax the app to its limits and overall it works well for what I wanted it to do. Thanks for a great app! Roger

By Raecom on Nov 17, 2015, USA


5 star rating

Great tool that works excellent!

By Jester King on Nov 06, 2015, Switzerland