Customer Reviews of MP3 Normalizer

Won't perform miracles, but helps normalize

4 star rating

Having tried several methods for normalizing audio files, this does a reasonable job. Unless you have time to manually adjust volume levels via Audacity or a similar app, this will suffice for most of your needs.

By sourdustajm on Sep 25, 2020, Canada

Great app

5 star rating

I recommend applications, very good for normalizing many files at once. Technical support will solve every problem. I would recommend !!!!

By marcinx98x on Jun 11, 2020, UK

Perfect! Easy to use!

5 star rating

Does what it's supposed to do and makes batch equalizing simple, direct and the results are PERFECT! Yes to this app!

By Breezy Marmee on May 14, 2020, USA

Great for podcasts

5 star rating

Great for podcast volume control. I found the parameters of "adjust volume with loudness normalization set to -13.0 LUFS" and "enable automatic volume control" to work well with all of my voice podcasts. Not sure what it would do to music. I tried some competing (cheaper or free) products, but this is the only one that worked well for my situation.

I needed this product after purchasing a recessed lighting/bluetooth speaker unit for my shower. Without this product, I could not hear some guests in various podcasts due to the shower noise. With this product, I have yet to miss any spoken words across many different podcasts.

Also, a couple of my podcasts have loud commericals (relative to the normal podcast) inserted automatically at random places that used to cause me to have to yank out my earphones at the gym to avoid ear damage. This problem has also been solved by using this product. Recommended!

By Craig B SC on Jan 19, 2020, USA


5 star rating

very easy and straight forward to used this MP3 Normaliser. I’m very much happy to used it.

By florejhoe on Nov 08, 2019, UK

Excellent app!

5 star rating

I've been using waterproof MP3 player while swimming and constantly suffered from volume issues. Some songs sounded so soft only dogs could hear them, while others almost ruptured my eardrum. I was initially sceptical about paying for an app that basically equalize volume, but at the same time could not find anything free that did it. I have to say that this app is well worth the money. I don't really know about technical stuff like LUFS and bit rates (and find the support pages somewhat difficult to understand), but all I know is that once I converted the songs they all normalized in volume! I like the option of deleting original "non-normalized" songs after converted ones are loaded: this eliminates the need of guessing which are which. There's also an option of automatically add converted songs to iTunes. Very nice app overall.

By Brooklylion on Dec 08, 2018, USA

Very good app

4 star rating

Very nicely designed, feels "native" to MacOS, great that there are LUFS options

By tracerhand on Jan 24, 2018, UK

Great app!

5 star rating

I have grown tired of having to constantly monitor the volume control. This morning I did some searching and came upon MP3 Normalizer. I first went to the web site to try it out before purchasing and after converting two files, I knew this was a worthwhile purchase! The cost of the app is a steal! I have converted 16 large MP3 files and each file took maybe 2 minutes or less to convert. So easy to use and I didn't have to read several pages of "how to's). I have listened to 3 files and "yes" the volume is normal and stable. The sound is not compromised. Wish I had gotten the app long ago!!

By djingrum on Dec 18, 2017, USA

Exactly What I Was Looking For!

5 star rating

I have copied over 550 songs from records, tapes, CD,s etc. into one file. Some song volumes are soft, low, loud. Many Genres from old classic to modern rock. Now, to the point. I am able to drag and drop one song or all into the MP3 Normalizer box and simply all are done very fast. Plus this app can clip slow beginnings such as from old LP Records. I created a folder called MP3-Normalizer as a destination place for them to wind up. Then copy and paste the whole bunch back where it started. I’m not very computer smart, but this app pretty much does it for me. Oh, it is a MP3 program so all songs going into it must be MP3. So convert any you want and bingo!

By Captn James on Dec 03, 2017, USA


5 star rating

Otimo, funziona perfettamente. Sarebbe un’ottima miglioria il fatto di poter fare solo la normalizzazione, senza dover riconvertire il file. Infatti, se imposti nelle preferenze il formato corretto di MP3, è rapidissimo, altrimenti devi attendere il tempo della riconversione al formato che hai impostato. Per pochi file non è un problema, li gestisci singolarmente, altrimenti fai un’impostazione unica per tutti e aspetti ... ed i tempi, purtroppo, si allungano molto. Alessandro G.

By Alessandro Giau on Oct 14, 2017, Italy

Highly recommended

5 star rating

I ditched Windows some time ago and what I missed was a wonderful old 2006 bit of Acoustica software, that converted MP3/WAV either as single or batch, trimming silence and normalising on the way. Well, what a delight to find 'MP3 Nomalizer' (offers to fetch 'Tag Editor Free' from App Store) and to find 'To WAV Converter' as well. Having both, MP3 Nomalizer and To WAV Converter, top that Windows software I used to use by a long way and provide more options, functionality and accuracy. . Normalise. . Trim silence from front and end. . Fade. . Right click 'Send To' in Finder. . File Hierachy. Both bits of software, a must have, on my system. Tag Editor Free is a simple quickie, but prefer Kid3.

By Sussexmat on Sep 03, 2017, UK