Customer Reviews of MP3 Normalizer

Hace muy bien su función.

4 star rating

He de decir que MP3 Normalizer hace muy bien la función de realzar el sonido de las grabaciones e igualar el volumen de los ficheros. Hace otras funciones, pero para mi estas son las principales. Solo una cosa, deberían pensar en algo para si un fichero ya ha sido pasado por la app y se pasa de nuevo, que no tenga que realizar todo el proceso de nuevo.

By Pepocanario on Jun 11, 2022, Spain


4 star rating

Need an m4a converter, some apple music are quite soft, otherwise a great tool for audio levelling and sonic properties maintain. Rast & reliable app

By napshotman on May 09, 2022, Singapore

La mejor que he encontrado

5 star rating

En Windows utilizada mp3gain. Esta es tan buena como aquella. Respeta los arboles de carpetas y es rapida y eficiente.

By mandaeuli on Dec 31, 2021, Spain

Besser als MP3Gain

5 star rating

Läuft im Hintergrund und macht was es soll. Im Gegensatz zu MP3Gain for Mac hört man hinterher wirkich einen Unterschied.

By Kammersaenger13 on Dec 20, 2021, Germany

Been Using it for years

5 star rating

Great app. Simple and works perfectly for what I need. I recommend it.

By Doumtar on Oct 14, 2021, Canada

Won't perform miracles, but helps normalize

4 star rating

Having tried several methods for normalizing audio files, this does a reasonable job. Unless you have time to manually adjust volume levels via Audacity or a similar app, this will suffice for most of your needs.

By sourdustajm on Sep 25, 2020, Canada

Great app

5 star rating

I recommend applications, very good for normalizing many files at once. Technical support will solve every problem. I would recommend !!!!

By marcinx98x on Jun 11, 2020, UK

Perfect! Easy to use!

5 star rating

Does what it's supposed to do and makes batch equalizing simple, direct and the results are PERFECT! Yes to this app!

By Breezy Marmee on May 14, 2020, USA

Great for podcasts

5 star rating

Great for podcast volume control. I found the parameters of "adjust volume with loudness normalization set to -13.0 LUFS" and "enable automatic volume control" to work well with all of my voice podcasts. Not sure what it would do to music. I tried some competing (cheaper or free) products, but this is the only one that worked well for my situation.

I needed this product after purchasing a recessed lighting/bluetooth speaker unit for my shower. Without this product, I could not hear some guests in various podcasts due to the shower noise. With this product, I have yet to miss any spoken words across many different podcasts.

Also, a couple of my podcasts have loud commericals (relative to the normal podcast) inserted automatically at random places that used to cause me to have to yank out my earphones at the gym to avoid ear damage. This problem has also been solved by using this product. Recommended!

By Craig B SC on Jan 19, 2020, USA


5 star rating

very easy and straight forward to used this MP3 Normaliser. I’m very much happy to used it.

By florejhoe on Nov 08, 2019, UK

Excellent app!

5 star rating

I've been using waterproof MP3 player while swimming and constantly suffered from volume issues. Some songs sounded so soft only dogs could hear them, while others almost ruptured my eardrum. I was initially sceptical about paying for an app that basically equalize volume, but at the same time could not find anything free that did it. I have to say that this app is well worth the money. I don't really know about technical stuff like LUFS and bit rates (and find the support pages somewhat difficult to understand), but all I know is that once I converted the songs they all normalized in volume! I like the option of deleting original "non-normalized" songs after converted ones are loaded: this eliminates the need of guessing which are which. There's also an option of automatically add converted songs to iTunes. Very nice app overall.

By Brooklylion on Dec 08, 2018, USA