Customer Reviews of MP3 Normalizer

A Godsend, with caveat

5 star rating
First, use Loudness, not Peak, normalization to adjust volume (in preferences, effects) for this app. Now the caveat: The default level to "adjust volume with Loudness normalization" is -15.0 LUFS. This setting is too high, causing high frequency distortion when played back on USB drives. Do NOT use any setting higher than -20.0 LUFS, that is, don’t use any number less than -20.0, and certainly not the default -15.0). With this caveat, I have nothing but praise for this app, a worthy counterpart to iVolume for iTunes m4a files. More versatile, in fact, because it does depend on the software of the playback program (e.g., iTunes) to equalize volume levels among tracks. $9.99 could not be better spent. For the first time in my life I can share music collections on USB thumb drives with family and friends, knowing that they won’t have to ride the volume control. Nice work, Brother Nikolay. You have made an invaluable contribution to the highest expression of humanity: music.
By Looktung on Jul 16, 2017, USA

Very good, no point in hesitating, just buy it

5 star rating
I tried MP3 Louder first. That is also very good, however its a simpler piece of software for $2, suitable for a quick fix when you need it. But if you really want to squeeze the most out of your sound tracks, this is the one to get, for the extra options. I was particularly impressed that they’ve written a proper recursive tree walk, so that you can audio-normalise an entire folder hierarchy with a single operation. I wish everyone would do that, when they offer file based operations.
By Entanon on Jun 29, 2017, UK


4 star rating
Era quello che cercavo da tempo, per normalizzare la mia vasta raccolta di mp3. Risultato finale di qualità e veloce. Assegno quattro stelle, solo perché, per chi come me ha i file residente in un disco di rete, durante il processo, qualche volta non riesce a creare il nuovo file, quello normalizzato e non è un problema di permessi. Mi sono arrangiato, copiando le cartelle in un disco usb e convertire queste, per poi ritrasferirle al disco di rete. Qualche passaggio “inutile" in più.
By pisux on Nov 22, 2016, Italy

Igualar el volumen de todas tus canciones

5 star rating
Parece mentira que sea tan difcil encontrar una aplicacion que iguale el volumen de todas las canciones de la base de datos, de manera que cuando las escuchas no tengas que estar subiendo y bajandolo constantemente. En windows existia una que se llamaba MP3Gain, muy bsica pero efectiva. Pues bien, MP3 Normalizer hace esta funcin perfectamente. Ahora puedo tener toda mi coleccion de musica en cualquier dispositivo, que siempre sonar al mismo volumen. Que alivio.
By Isalluis on Sep 01, 2016, Spain

Mr A.M.

4 star rating
Overall the variations in volume of the mp3 audio tracks are normalised. I still notice the tracks that were too low are still a bit softer. But I have only used it once with bit rate set at 160kbps. If any advice is available, it would be appreciated.
By rockamaroo on Jun 18, 2016, Australia

MP3 Normalizer

5 star rating
This software seem to work great for standardising the volume across multiple tracks from different sources on a cd or mp3 player to use in the car. This is a godsend when driving because you don’t have to keep reaching for the volume button on the player. Only one fault; in future versions please program it to allow users a couple of weeks to try it before you send the constant pain-in-the-bum reminders to review it. Its no wonder people don’t bother to review it; they’re probably too irritated with the constant reminders. Apart from that, thanks for the great software at a very reasonable price.
By Saulty Dog on Jun 06, 2016, UK

Smooth Audio Change

5 star rating
Really like that I can balance the level of my sound files to play in a balanced way. No noticeable audio quality change. Worth it :)
By YogiFish on May 21, 2016, USA

MP3 Normalizer

5 star rating
Very good program, easy to use and excellent results
By Gypsy133 on May 15, 2016, Switzerland


4 star rating
still working it out, but so far, so good… normalizing tracks and then will try to trim starts and stops
By sw33tstr33t on Feb 28, 2016, Australia

Un bon petit programme pas cher!

5 star rating
Destiné à normaliser les volumes sonores de nos MP3, ce programme s’acquitte de sa tache avec efficacité et discrétion. En plus, MP3 normalizer récupère les tags sur le WEb. Très bon achat pour cette app simple d’utilisation.
By Gujanito on Feb 22, 2016, France

Great App. Some things still to improve

4 star rating
First of all. Great App. Does what it should do. And the results sound just fine! Also the price is really really low! Two things I realized which may be worth improving: - The trim silence option could be a little more sensitive. Sometimes it cuts the attack a little which results in a little plopp at the beginning of the track. - Some files I tried to convert seemed to be broken. However the app didnt tell me but just produced a 0 second version of the track. Maybe there is a way to tell the user if something like this happens.
By Trompetosaurus on Feb 12, 2016, Germany