Customer Reviews of MIDI to MP3

Very fast!

5 star rating

For midi to MP3 conversion it works very quickly and easy to use.

By Toomakooma on Dec 30, 2021, Canada

Works great

5 star rating

Quick - easy - automatically sends the files to iTunes.

By usuarrrio on May 11, 2021, Spain

Simple, Quick and Reliable

5 star rating

So far, this does exactly what I want and is very easy and efficient to use. I'm not a great sight reader, so when I get fiddle tunes from (say) The Session in ABC format, I would like to have an audio version to listen to (it really helps). So I run the abc file through abc2midi, then collect the midi files and drag them into MIDItoMP3 -- it does a bulk convert in just minutes, and I have reference audio for each of the pieces I want to learn. Having the audio helps to improve my sight reading also, as I can listen while reading. This is a great tool for any musician -- lightweight, affordable, simple to use. It does one thing and does it right.

By Tazling on May 06, 2021, Canada

Exactly what I needed and so simple to use!

5 star rating

This does exactly what it says on the tin and is super quick and easy at doing this. Fab programme :)

By Minigrubs on May 03, 2020, UK


5 star rating

Easiest app. Does it superbly. Highly recommend.

By amalgamsab on May 15, 2018, Australia

Gute Wahl!

5 star rating

Absolut einfach zu bedienen. TOP!

By ehopeman on Mar 10, 2018, Germany


5 star rating

Prachtig. Het is een grandioos programma, 3 minuten MIDI wordt in minder dan 15 seconden foutloos geconverteerd naar MP3. Hier heb je geen handleiding bij nodig

By Klein gebrek on Nov 26, 2017, Netherlands

Just like the Old Quicktime

5 star rating

The output files sound as good as the old quicktime instruments on MacOS Tiger on the G4 processor.

By Jackson Drechsler on Nov 02, 2017, USA


5 star rating

Works fantastic! And quick

By HansR1960 on Mar 20, 2016, Netherlands

Quick and easy

5 star rating

Quick and intuitive to use, gets the job down without any hassle. By far the simplest converter I’ve tried.

By Textwork on Feb 15, 2016, Australia


5 star rating

This works very well and is so easy to use. Get it!

By Cognisant on Jan 26, 2016, UK