Customer Reviews of MIDI to MP3 - Page #2

Works simply and well

5 star rating
Conversions are quick and solid. I had a couple of issues with the app at first but the author was very helpful in addressing them. First rate support.
By carterb on May 21, 2015, USA

Works great!

5 star rating
Needed a quick and easy program to convert some MIDI files to MP3 and this worked very well. Gives you a selection of bit rates and other options for the output MP3's and then you just select a folder with MIDI’s and it converts them all to MP3.
By Teqnilogik on Apr 11, 2015, USA

가볍고 가장 저렴하고^^

5 star rating
NWC -> MIDI -> MP3로 변환해야 하는 번거로움을 숙명으로 가진 맥북/아이폰 유저로서 다운받아 봤는데… 가볍고 쓸 만해요^^ 싼 가격에 비해서 여러 파일도 한번에 변환되고… 업데이트가 되는 프로그램인지는 모르겠으나, 일단 만족입니다^^
By 자취인생 on Mar 08, 2015, Korea, Republic Of

Very easy to use and extremely straightforward

5 star rating
I was having trouble finding a way to send a .mus file to friends for review from Finale Notepad. After some research, I found that I could convert the .mus files to midi files with no problem but I couldn’t find a way to convert midi to mp3. I spent several hours researching and found that itunes supposedly would do it but I couldn’t get it to work. This solved the problem in an instant. Highly recommended.
By Pixie composer on Feb 24, 2015, UK


5 star rating
Easy to use, quickly does exactly what it says it will do, output quality good. What more can I say?!
By Ximenes32 on Jan 25, 2015, Canada

Midi to MP3 Converter

5 star rating
Fantastic simple product. I looked for ages to find something simple and this is just great. Highly recommend
By singhealthychoirs on Jan 20, 2015, UK

Midi to Mp3

5 star rating
cheap and works, what more can you ask.
By Jez Glover on Dec 07, 2014, UK

Does what it says, quickly and well

5 star rating
Not the most visually charming application, but I needed a utility to quickly convert a few old MIDIs to something I could rock on my phone, and this app did the conversion without complaint, and normalized the volume along the way. In and out without any fuss. Thanks.
By bzotto on Nov 15, 2014, USA

midi to mp3

5 star rating
I needed something to convert those old midi files I use on the web site. This did the job! Now I need the plug-in to play them so, on with the quest….
By benjamin 1000 on Nov 14, 2014, USA

Simply works

5 star rating
The best thing about this app is that it is simple to use and it works. What more could be wanted? Recommended
By PhilRB on Nov 04, 2014, UK


5 star rating
Great application - wish I came here first before buying a $30 program on the net that was useless. Wish that I could convert multiple files at a time, but otherwise it’s fast, easy to use and created great sounding mp3 files.
By Kikunda on Oct 09, 2014, Australia