Customer Reviews of Tag Editor - Page #4

Ottima App

5 star rating
La App ben fatta ed semplice da utilizzare. Bravi.
By Noodles64 on Feb 05, 2018, Italy

Top maar niet Free

4 star rating
Werkt erg prettig is aleen niet echt gratis. Je moet soms veel op sluiten knop drukken. Als je niet te veel te doen hebt en dat niet erg vindt is het een erg puike app. Anders wel erg duur
By Bruce the hartz on Jan 27, 2018, Netherlands

Excellent! A must for iPod! Freedom, at last!

5 star rating
It replaces an absolute lack in the iMusic interface, i.e. the possibility to keep the Finder structure of files! I don't want to use the MP3 tags, because I want to arrange my musics the way I like, in the order I like, sometimes by artists, mixed with other musics I know by title, or by interpreter. This is MY choice, MY way, MY pleasure! And I don't give a damn if it is not the way Apple likes it...
By JPR-Jipirou on Jan 08, 2018, France

Very easy and fast adds tags ad arts to mp3 files

5 star rating
I have a lot of music, that I colected for a years. Not all from them had tags or arts. This app adds tags to all my files and also arts to the magority.
By Jyrki K. on Dec 29, 2017, Finland

Это хорошая рабочая программа

5 star rating
Я пользуюсь программой при редакции аудиокниг. Меня устраивает на 100%. Искал нечто подобное и нашел. Спасибо
By АрсенийG on Dec 28, 2017, Russia

schnell und komfortabel

5 star rating
Ich suchte ein Programm mit dem man nicht nur die 'meta tags' einzel ändern kann, sondern komplette Alben bearbeiten kann: und genau das macht diese Software vorzüglich. Hat man ein 'artwork' im MP3-Verzeichnis gespeichert, wird auch dieses automatisch importiert (geht aber auch nachträglich manuell).
By UdoFi on Dec 19, 2017, Germany

Hammer Tool. Schnell, smart und an alles Wesentlichee gedacht. Dabei schn umgesetzt!!

5 star rating
Hammer Tool. Schnell, smart und an alles Wesentlichee gedacht. Dabei schn umgesetzt!!
By Eddy zuercher on Dec 15, 2017, Switzerland


5 star rating
Does exactly what it says and does it very well. If you’re obsessive about tidy tags this is absolutely the app for you. Managing multiple albums and liveshows is as simple as managing a spreadsheet. OK, as others have pointed out the database look-up is sometimes a little wonky but this problem with musicbrainz is far outweighed by the other tools provided. Deadheads everywhere need this app. Well worth the money.
By houzi on Dec 10, 2017, UK

great tool

5 star rating
great tool to edit tags!
By hansi10000 on Dec 08, 2017, Switzerland

Does everything I need

5 star rating
Easy to tag, easy to add artwork. Works perfectly.
By extra_medium on Nov 19, 2017, USA

Nice App!

5 star rating
I use it, very useful to tag you file. Simple and very free! Just i little bug i found… After i put an cover image, sometime the image is not in the cell,so i need to open the image (double click the cell) and then the cover come out and after i can save it correctly. (Message for the developper)
By Art-do on Nov 14, 2017, Canada