You can manage Album Artworks within Tag Editor interface in few ways:  

  • Double click on selected Artwork cells to Delete, Replace or Save album cover.

Album Artwork management in Tag Editor for Mac


  • Drag-and-drop a picture from your computer or browser to the selected Artwork cells to create or replace album artworks.


Drag and Drop an image to create album artwork in Tag Editor for Mac


  • Copy and Paste an image in album's artwork cells.


Copy and Paste Album Artwork in Tag Editor for Mac 


  • Download artworks for selected albums' Artwork cells from online databases. Tag Editor will find artworks automatically, based on current tags and songs' 'fingerprints'.


Download album artwork using Tag Editor for Mac


* We recommend using of multi-selection to edit artworks for all songs in an album at once.

* Use Revert function (⌘Z) to undo the last change and Save (⌘S) to keep correct Artworks.