Customer Reviews of Tag Editor - Page #3

Great App!!!!!

5 star rating
don’t agree with person that said not free i haven’t run into any not free issues at all. Love it. Definitely recommend Tag Editor Free!!!
By melbrooksify on Oct 12, 2017, Canada

Not Bad

4 star rating
Started off a bit rocky, but then again if your new to any program its gonna take a little bit of trial and error but now finding it just as good as any other tag editor i have used on PC or Mac
By Tony-Curtis on Sep 28, 2017, UK

Funciona bien la versin gratis

5 star rating
Me gusta, es sencilla, permite editar todos los datos de mis canciones. Tiene la funcin de poder buscar las etiquetas automticamente y funciona bien. Si la utilizara mucho comprara la version completa, hay opciones de suscripcin por mes, ao que creo que no conviene mucho; la versin full parece ser la mejor opcin.
By romgato on Sep 24, 2017, Mexico


5 star rating
woth to buy, i was a windows user, had been using mp3tag before. This apps can do the same function of what mp3tag can do, convenient
By iiiHei on Sep 23, 2017, Hong Kong


5 star rating
Numbersのように複数のセルにコピペできるのが便利、クリップボードからのコピペもOK。 一挙に大量の音楽ファイルのID3タグの編集処理が出来て大幅に時間短縮です。 概ね機能には満足できるものの、全てのタグが編集可能ではないのが残念です。 番組(Show)に記載するとなるとiTunesの編集機能でチマチマと一つづコピペせざる得ず大変です。 ここが改善されるともっとよろしかと思います。
By naganaga34 on Sep 19, 2017, Japan

Just what I needed.

5 star rating
It’s fitting my organizational needs perfectly and easily. So far I’ve found no problems with the newest version. Really easy to understand and use.
By Stork347 on Sep 18, 2017, USA


5 star rating
Very straight forward, easy to use and see what needs editing for one or more files.
By Fuglypower on Sep 01, 2017, UK

연동 어플도 있고 편합니다^^

5 star rating
Mp3 컨버트 어플과 바로 연동되네요^^ 편해요^^
By 소심한흰둥 on Aug 17, 2017, Korea, Republic Of

Good stuff

5 star rating
Like it says on the packet. Used it to sort our the tags on a large classical collection; amde the job much easier.
By dsjkghaskj on Aug 15, 2017, Australia

Best Tagger I found for Mac!!!

5 star rating
It’s a really cool tool for tagging music files, not only MP3! Easy to use and very clear to understand its functions (believe me, there are some other in the app store ;-)). Highly to recommend from my perspective, also with this high price.
By C_64 on Aug 12, 2017, Germany

Great for Tagging

4 star rating
I have only be using this to tag test files I export out of Logic Pro. Before I had to drag them into iTunes to tag, then immediately delete them. this is quick and easy. Still using the free version so far.
By IdreaminHD on Aug 02, 2017, USA