Customer Reviews of Tag Editor - Page #21

Good Editor!!

5 star rating
Easy to use and free, it’s work to WAV format!!! very recommend!!!!
By Edison Tyler on Jan 07, 2016, Hong Kong

It’s great!!!

5 star rating
No more orphan files after importing albums to iTunes, edit your tags, easy, and quick! It’s worth every cent and then some… I can highly recommend this to everyone. Tom Findahl
By Tom Findahl on Dec 30, 2015, Norway

Music file tager for your music Hard disk

5 star rating
Fantastic, and amazing program… I have buyed the full version, and it’s his money worth… no crashes. and for 89% of the 1000 files i have inputted the program has find al the album covers. Nice is also that you can rename the filename as you want. ! For Example, i like to have the filenames like tis: Michael Jakson - Triller . just in one klik !!! Recomand this program for al who like to tag their empty mp3 files with an album cover… Great app ! NO crap at all.
By sammarco1 on Dec 24, 2015, Belgium

so far so good!

5 star rating
does mostly what I need it to, and could figure out how to use it pretty quickly. the only thing I’d change (so far) is to be able to move the fields around on the rename. for example, you can put the track number in the filename, but it’s always first. I have artist - album - track - song title so that all of the files are in my OCD “correct” order instead of all of the 1st tracks at the top of the folder, then all of the 2nd tracks, and so on.
By The Notorious t.i.g on Dec 14, 2015, USA

Just what I expected

5 star rating
This what I was looking for and I found it! It allow you to edit info of mp3 songs like text sheet Awesome and simple!!!! Love IT!!!
By Shoshoi on Oct 29, 2015, USA

Does what I need

4 star rating
Wish it had better documentation
By j hear u on Oct 16, 2015, USA

Good app but needs improvement

4 star rating
This does look like a good app. If you look at the screen shot above, you can see the artwork is squashed, making it hard to see. This is annoying. Also when you do the iniatial scan, it gets the first bit of artwork it can find for a track, so on an album like Abba Greatest Hits, every track has a different bit of artwork. The artwork should be consistent for the whole album. Maybe it it finds multiple artwork, then it should ask which to pick for the album. Generally pretty good.
By Vaujanolo on Oct 07, 2015, UK


5 star rating
highly recommended!!!
By djc808 on Oct 05, 2015, USA

Klasse Software

5 star rating
Für schlappe 15 Euro Jahreslizenz spart man sich Arbeit ohne Ende. Für Leute,die sich aus der Abhängigkeit von iTunes befreien wollen ein unbedingtes Muss!!!!!! Ich besitze weit über tausend Alben im Flac-,bzw. Waveformat und kann jetzt Softwareplayer (Audirvana,VOX) einsetzen,welche sich an den Tag Daten meiner Konfiguration orientieren. Für mich DIE Software der letzten zwei Jahre.
By heiko146 on Oct 02, 2015, Germany


5 star rating
cumple con creces su cometido…gracias
By ditsiedijay on Oct 02, 2015, Argentina


5 star rating
cumple con creces su cometido…gracias
By Ditsievm on Oct 02, 2015, Argentina


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