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미치도록 간편한 앱

5 star rating
컨버트를 해야지 하고 찾아보자 마자 발견하고 고민하려던 찰나 해결해준 초간편 쉬운 앱
By Soullasido on Mar 20, 2019, Korea, Republic Of

Great app

5 star rating
Simple to use, free of charge, works quickly and reliably.......what more could you need?
By keyboardlearner on Mar 19, 2019, UK

works like a dream and fast too!

5 star rating
very satisfied, instant conversion from m4a or whatever to mp3
By Deep Listening on Mar 18, 2019, USA

This app has been the most convenient!

5 star rating
I have been converting large .wav recordings with app. It spit out an identical recording in mp3 with no issues. It also queus up many files.
By TimeForChurch on Mar 17, 2019, USA


5 star rating
gayet hızlı ve kullanışlı. tebrikler
By on Mar 15, 2019, Turkey

Easy Peasy

5 star rating
Very easy to use, can’t fault it!
By Frankiefile on Mar 15, 2019, UK

Erg Goed

4 star rating
Works great on MP4 and AIFF-C to Mp3!
By Waltdo! on Mar 14, 2019, Netherlands


5 star rating
This app. seems great! You ask that I don't post anything at the expense of other developers, so I won't mention any names, but there is a commonly used free audio editor for Mac that is supposed to be able to convert files created on it to .mp3, but only after installing a plug-in made by a different company. I tried downloading and installling that plug-in as instructed several times, and checked out various tutorials and videos about it, but the audio editing program continued to crash whenever I selected it to export the file as an .mp3. So I went online and looked for other apps that would convert the file to .mp3, and found this To MP3 Converter Free app. It had no problem converting the file to .mp3. It seems to be the answer here! I'll keep using that other program for editing, but use yours to produce an .mp3 from the final file.
By 1960sDJ on Mar 12, 2019, USA

This app is realy good!!!

5 star rating
I have being trying this app without any problem. It is realy good, it did everything I wanted… It works great..
By Corralero2 on Mar 08, 2019, USA


5 star rating
Perfect. Quick. Good quality.
By Sherlock11100 on Mar 08, 2019, UK

Really good app.

5 star rating
A simple and useful app for converting big videos into storage saving audio. Amazing app!
By Atticus Wong on Mar 06, 2019, Hong Kong