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Works (AUDIO CONVERTER LITE is better, imo)

5 star rating
As per the main function of this product, you do not highlight its importance enough. It only converts to MP3. And it converst a very wide array of formats to MP3. Many inputs, one output. Considering the marketplace for these kinds of services/products, you need to highlight that. like this: Many inputs, one output Many inputs, one output Many inputs, one output (Or in CAPS) Comment if you disagree. It's like saying we included the ESRB (in a game) but you hide it where no one can see it except the lawyers. I went and bought another service... AUDIO CONVERTER LITE The free version does more than this paid version. I upgraded to the opaid version due to batch limitations. There seems to be a lot of copying in this digital marketplace. But right now this one is best. Feel free to contact me if you feel otherwise about any of this. I encourage it. Obviously I;m gonna plug my website now. (Different Color Everytime) - Johnathan Johnny Jones 64
By Robzo100 on Mar 04, 2019, USA

Does the job well

5 star rating
Quick and easy conversions. No complaints from me, performs exactly as I hoped it would
By Ambi:Non on Feb 23, 2019, UK


5 star rating
After having used this app for some time, I have to say that it is an excellent piece of work ... easy to use and reliable. Worth every penny!
By WinBaron on Feb 23, 2019, UK


5 star rating
I tried at least 10 different converters until I found this app. Works amazing! I converted upto 10-15 files at the same time.
By thetaintedwoman on Feb 21, 2019, Canada

Simpel, duidelijk en snel

5 star rating
Meer dan een prima programmaatje. Doet wat het moet doen. Ben zeer happy mee. Peter Kraft., Leeuwarden
By mac gebruiker Leeuwarden on Feb 21, 2019, Netherlands


5 star rating
Great, best MP3 converter I have ever used. So easy to use, drag n drop it does the rest.
By iainglasgow12 on Feb 17, 2019, UK

Does What it Says on The Tin

5 star rating
And well! Thanks I need this application.
By davieb116 on Feb 15, 2019, UK


5 star rating
Facile , rapide bref extra
By *Nox* on Feb 15, 2019, France

Worked Great

5 star rating
Flawless operation with my Macbook Pro. Very easy to use!
By SK from AR on Feb 13, 2019, USA

Imovie conversion audio only

5 star rating
I am NOT techy, I am determinded and knew there had to be a way to convert the MP4 to MP3. When I googled it this app was rated well, justifably so, it is super easy to use and fast. Happy I made the small investment for such a great tool
By Bobi Beverly on Feb 11, 2019, USA

Einfach! Zuverlässig! Schnell! Empfehlenswert!

5 star rating
Rettung in letzter Sekunde: Nach über einer Stunde ‚Rumgehuddel‘ und Ärger mit anderen Installationsgeschichten habe ich wieder auf MICH selber gehört und diesen Converter als letzten Versuch runtergeladen… und siehe da: Es funzt! Yeah! Bin begeistert und meine Audio-Dateien endlich in trockenen Tüchern! Sehr zu empfehlen!
By TGEAlex on Feb 11, 2019, Germany