Customer Reviews of To MP3 Converter - Page #4

Excelente software

5 star rating
Muy facil de usar excelente calidad hasta 320 kbps que es lo mejor
By Ralareito on Oct 20, 2018, USA

정말 편리해요

4 star rating
아이튠즈 필수 어플 !!! 편리하고 강력해요. 다른 거 필요없음
By 음냐~( ..) on Oct 19, 2018, Korea, Republic Of


5 star rating
i'm not sure what some of these people are complaining about but listen: I'm a DJ who used to run Video and have converted to just running visuals in my sets and playing MP3's... that being said i had over 400GB to convert to MP3 to help cut down on my library size and this program was absolutely PERFECT! i dropped 3187 files into it and boom, 95% of them converted with absolutely NO issues. teh only issues i rand into was encoding problems from my original MP4 file and thats not this App's fault. I didn't have to pay even $1 for this app but i can tell you right now i would GLADLY give these guys $ for the ammount of time they saved me. Cheers to the developers... you guys are amazing.
By James Wilcox on Oct 18, 2018, USA

Undeniably Great!

5 star rating
Conversion was very fast and very easy to use! :)
By djbrycz on Oct 18, 2018, Philippines


4 star rating
nice and easy to use good app
By Sweetraster on Oct 17, 2018, UK

아주 빠르고 편하게 mp3 전환되요

5 star rating
정말 편하게 전화되네요~ 맥에서 사용중인데요 클릭 몇 번하면 변환 완료됩니다. 강추
By Dhkfyd on Oct 16, 2018, Korea, Republic Of

SO easy

5 star rating
I work for Mercury Mastering--a professional audio mastering company--and clients often ask for mp3 files. Our engineer gives them WAV files, but if they later ask for an mp3, I can convert it easily and quickly without bothering the engineer. So thankful for this app!
By fadfagrg on Oct 11, 2018, USA


5 star rating
Sin tramites, sin concursos ni sorteos, se manda solo y para bien. Solo debes colocar acepto a todo, y te deja siempre la mejor calidad.
By pzaninovic on Oct 11, 2018, Chile

The best MP3 converter ever

5 star rating
The only application that fast converts into mp3
By Nidalsita on Oct 10, 2018, Lebanon

Great product with superb support

5 star rating
The product works quickly and is easy to use. I had a problem reading files in my Honda car stereo. The problem was due to my lack of knowledge of Apple internal workings. Amvidia Support quickly set me on the correct path. Well worth the cost.
By Morris Dancer 2014 on Oct 10, 2018, UK

This app just save my life and time.

5 star rating
I was so not in the mood to sit in front of my computer to figure out this app. It took me 2 mins to convert five mp4 files into mp3 files. It was so easy and quick that I use my extra time to come back and leave a review, which I never do. Thank you!!!! You guys are a life saver.
By Ms. CLove on Oct 06, 2018, USA