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5 star rating
Insomma, come già detto fa quel che promette. Molto semplice ed intuitiva, minimale direi, ma completa di tutte le funzioni che possono servire. Sinceramente non capisco le altre recensioni negative (forse sono l’unico fortunato a cui funziona senza problemi). In base alla mia personale esperienza la consiglio a tutti.
By WarMast3r on Apr 26, 2018, Italy

This is the best

5 star rating
This app first of all works down here on OS X Lion still, which is great. Secondly, it works seamlessly and amazingly well. It gets the job done in almost an instant (for regular song-length files, haven't tried longer ones myself, but it will likely be fast in comparison to other converters in any case) and works semlessly with its partner application "Tag Editor Free" (which also works great).
By NEKO#(ΦДΦ) on Apr 26, 2018, USA

굉장히 좋네요.

5 star rating
찾다가 써봤는데 너무 좋은것 같습니다. 다중 선택부터 한번에 컨버팅하는것까지 손색이 없어요...^^
By 벤지타이거 on Apr 24, 2018, Korea, Republic Of


5 star rating
Works great - so happy with this app after trying others
By FreyaHenry on Apr 23, 2018, Australia


5 star rating
Apple Style, works and easy to use.
By BOUJIDEX on Apr 22, 2018, USA

Conviertiendo a MP3

5 star rating
Me pareci muy prctico su manejo y pude realizar la conversin de un video de msica en solo msica para instalarla en una memoria usb y poderla escuchar un una bocina porttil.
By Luis Humberto Rey on Apr 18, 2018, Mexico

excellent app.

5 star rating
simply the best app for converting to MP3 this app was very fast and very easy to use it. thank you very much and i’m very happy with it.
By Chinomino 18 on Apr 18, 2018, USA


5 star rating
Super rpido. Recomendo!
By TulioMelo28 on Apr 16, 2018, Brazil


5 star rating
아직 잘 몰라 이것 저것 설정할수는 없지만 mp3로의 변환이 빠르고 편리한것은 사실입니다. 좀 더 공부하면 더 좋은기능을 잘 쓸수 있을 것 같아요
By 박예승 on Apr 15, 2018, Korea, Republic Of

To MP3 Converter for Free

5 star rating
This is a fantastic tool. Came upon it by accident and it was just what I needed. Quick and painless. Thank you, Apple!
By No time to make one up on Apr 15, 2018, Canada

clean and fast

5 star rating
I was alway using Absolute audio convertor for windows but this is much beter works fully automated
By steadybas on Apr 14, 2018, Belgium